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\chapter{Advanced Topics}
\section{\label{ref:CustomisingUI}Customising the User Interface}
+\subsection{\label{ref:CustomisingTheMainMenu}Customising The Main Menu}
+It is possible to customise the main menu, i.e. to reorder or to hide some
+of its items. To accomplish this, the file \fname{/.rockbox/config.cfg} must
+be edited (presumably on the computer while the \dap{} is connected to it
+via USB). There, the line starting with \config{root\_menu\_order:} must
+be edited (or created if it is not present yet).
+The line should look like \config{root\_menu\_order:items}, where ``items''
+is a comma separated list (no spaces around the commas!) of the following
+words: \config{bookmarks}, \config{files}, \opt{database}{\config{database}, }%
+\config{wps}, \config{settings}, \opt{recording}{\config{recording}, }%
+\opt{radio}{\config{radio}, }\config{playlists}, \config{plugins},
+\config{system\_menu}, \opt{PLAYER_PAD}{\config{shutdown}, }\config{shortcuts}.
+Each of the words, if it occurs in the list, activates the appropriate item
+in the main menu. The order of the items is given by the order of the words
+in the list. The items whose words do not occur in the list will be hidden,
+with one exception: the menu item ``Settings'' will be shown even if its word
+is not in the list (it is added as the last item then).
+Only the main menu can be customised this way, submenus can not.
\subsection{\label{ref:GettingExtras}Getting Extras}