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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ in the font package at \url{}.}
be loaded automatically every time you start up, it must be located in the
\fname{/.rockbox/fonts} directory and the filename must be at most 24 characters
long. You can browse the fonts in \fname{/.rockbox/fonts} under
- \setting{Settings $\rightarrow$ Theme Settings $\rightarrow$ Browse Fonts}
+ \setting{Settings $\rightarrow$ Theme Settings $\rightarrow$ Font}
in the \setting{Main Menu}.
\note{Advanced Users Only: Any BDF font file up to 16 pixels high should
be usable with Rockbox. To convert from \fname{.bdf} to \fname{.fnt}, use
@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ file find the instructions on the Rockbox website:
\fname{/.rockbox/themes} directory and then activate the config file
from the menu as normal
(\setting{Settings} $\rightarrow$ \setting{Theme Settings}%
- $\rightarrow$ \setting{Browse Themes}).
+ $\rightarrow$ \setting{Browse Theme Files}).
The built-in \setting{Text Editor} (see \reference{sec:text_editor})
@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ file find the instructions on the Rockbox website:
displaying Track name, Artist, Album etc. in the default font as a purely
text based layout. There are a number of WPS files included in Rockbox, and
you can load one of these at any time by selecting it in
- \setting{Settings $\rightarrow$ Theme Settings $\rightarrow$ Browse .wps files}.
+ \setting{Settings $\rightarrow$ Theme Settings $\rightarrow$ While Playing Screen}.
\opt{HAVE_REMOTE_LCD}{There is a related option to browse \fname{.rwps}
files for \daps{} with LCD remote controls installed. This will load a
similar WPS screen for the remote.}