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-\section{\label{ref:PartISection1}Differences between binaries}
-There are 3 different types of firmware binaries from Rockbox website:
-Current Version, Daily Builds and Bleeding Edge.
-\item[Current Version.] The current version is the latest stable version
-developed by the Rockbox Team. It's free of known critical bugs. It is
-available from \url{}.
-\item[Daily Builds.] The Daily Build is a development version of Rockbox. It
-supports all new features and patches developed since last stable version. It
-may also contain bugs! This version is generated automatically every day
-and can be found at \url{}.
-\item[Bleeding Edge.] Bleeding edge builds are the same as the Daily build,
-but built from the latest development on each commit to the CVS repository.
-These builds are for people who want to test the code that developers just
-checked in.
-\note{If you don't want to get undefined behaviour from your \dap\ you should
-really stick to the Current Version. Development versions may have lots of
-changes so they may behave completely different than described in this manual,
-introduce new (and maybe annoying) bugs and similar. If you want to help the
-project development you can try development builds and help by reporting bugs,
-feature requests and so so. But be aware that using a development build may
-eat also some more time.}
\section{\label{ref:FirmwareLoading}Firmware Loading}
When your \dap\ powers on, it loads the Archos firmware in ROM, which