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file find the instructions on the Rockbox website:
+ \subsection{\label{ref:LoadingBackdrops}Loading Backdrops}
+ Rockbox supports showing an image as a backdrop in the \setting{File Browser}
+ and the menus. The backdrop image must be a \fname{.bmp} file of the exact
+ same dimensions as the display in your \dap{} (\genericimg{} with the last
+ number giving the colour depth in bits). To use an image as a backdrop browse
+ to it in the \setting{File Browser} and open the \setting{File Menu}
+ (see \reference{ref:Filemenu}) on it and select the option
+ \setting{Set As Backdrop}. If you want rockbox to remember your
+ backdrop the next time you start your \dap{} the backdrop must be placed in
+ the \fname{/.rockbox/backdrops} folder.
\section{\label{ref:ConfiguringtheWPS}Configuring the WPS}
\subsection{WPS -- General Info}
@@ -197,19 +210,20 @@ displaying images:
\item Load and always show the image, using the \config{\%x} tag
\item Preload the image with \config{\%xl} and show it with \config{\%xd}.
This way you can have your images displayed conditionally.
+ \nopt{archos}{%
\item Load an image and show as backdrop using the \config{\%X} tag. The
image must be of the same exact dimensions as your display.
- }
+ }%
+\optv{SWCODEC}{% This doesn't depend on SWCODEC but we don't have a \noptv
+ % command.
Example on background image use:
The image with filename \fname{background.bmp} is loaded and used in the WPS.
Example on bitmap preloading and use: