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\item[vertical] -- force the bar to be drawn vertically.
\item[invert] -- invert the draw direction (i.e. right to left, or top to
- \item[slider] -- draw an preloaded image over the top of the bar. This must be
+ \item[slider] -- draw an preloaded image over the top of the bar so that
+ the centre of the image matches current position. This must be
followed by the label of the desired image.
\item[nofill] -- don't draw the fill bar, only the empty image (for the
desired effect use with the ``slider'' option).
+ \item[nobar] -- don't draw the bar entirely including frame (for use
+ with the ``slider'' option).
Example: \config{\%pb(0,0,-,-,-,nofill, slider, slider\_image, invert)} -- draw
a horizontal progressbar which doesn't fill and draws the image
``slider\_image'' which moves right to left.
+Note: if the slider option is used, the bar will be shrank so that the slider will fit
+ inside the specified width and height.
\section{Other Tags}
\config{\%(} & The character `('\\