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\setting{Auto-Change Directory} to function properly.}
\item[Pause on headphone unplug.] Enables and disables automatic pausing of
playback when the headphones are disconnected from the \daps{} headphone
@@ -256,4 +256,12 @@ related to audio playback.
\note{See \wikilink{LastFMLog} for a further description, and for tools you
can use to submit your log.}
+\item[Cuesheet Support.]\index{Cuesheet Support}
+ Enables reading of cuesheet files for played tracks. If a cuesheet is found
+ for a track, track markers are displayed on the progressbar and it is
+ possible to skip between the tracks within the cuesheet. Also the information
+ found in the cuesheet file will replace the information from the ID3 tags.
+ When you enable this option, you'll have to reboot for it to come into
+ effect.