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\item LAN party computer $\rightarrow$ \dap $\rightarrow$ human
+ \subsection{Volume Adjustment Mode}
+ This setting selects the method used to adjust volume with \ButtonVolUp{} and
+ \ButtonVolDown{}. In \setting{Direct} mode each volume step changes the volume
+ by a fixed number of decibels (dB).
+ In \setting{Perceptual} mode, the hardware volume range is divided into a
+ number of steps, controlled by the \setting{Number of Volume Steps} option.
+ Each step changes the volume by a variable number of decibels (dB) so the
+ perceived loudness changes by about the same amount at each step. The dB
+ change is smaller at high volumes and larger at low volumes, so a large
+ range of low volumes are effectively compressed into a smaller number of
+ volume steps.
+ \setting{Volume Adjustment Mode} does not affect how volume is displayed by
+ themes.
\subsection{Use Shortcuts Menu Instead of Quick Screen} This option
activates the shortcuts menu instead of opening the quick screen when enabled.