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- \subsection{Power Saving}
- These options allow users to increase runtime by lowering performance
- of select subsystems. Certain options may \emph{not} be applicable to your
- \dap{} or may cause undesired operation to your particular use case.
- \emph{WARNING!} While every effort has been made to ensure the safety of these
- options, due to manufacturing variance some options may cause unwanted side
- effects, cause the \dap{} to crash or (while unlikely) even \emph{destroy}
- your \dap{}. \emph{PROCEED WITH CAUTION}
- \begin{description}
- \item[CPU]
- Allows lower voltages or cpu speed when enabled.
- \item[Disk]
- Allows slower disk operations when enabled.
- \item[I2C]
- Allows slower clocking of I2C device bus when enabled.
- \item[Display]
- Allows slower screen refresh rates when enabled.
- \end{description}
\subsection{\label{ref:USB_HID}USB HID}