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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ before beginning there are a few important things to know.
\opt{e200}{\fixme{NOTE: These instructions will not work on the
``Rhapsody'' version of the E200 series (also known as E200R). Please
follow the instructions at
@@ -417,18 +417,18 @@ to select which version you wish to install.
\item[Release.] The release version is the latest stable release, free
of known critical bugs. For a manual install, the current stable release of Rockbox is
- available at \url{}.
+ available at \url{}.
\item[Development Build.] The development build is built at each change to
the Rockbox source code repository and represents the current state of Rockbox
development. This means that the build could contain bugs but most of
the time is safe to use. For a manual install, you can download the current build from
- \url{}.
+ \url{}.
\item[Archived Build.] In addition to the release version and the current build,
there is also an archive of daily builds available for download. These are
built once a day from the latest source code in the repository. For a manual install,
- you can download archived builds from \url{}.
+ you can download archived builds from \url{}.
@@ -615,7 +615,7 @@ by Rockbox, in the main directory of your \daps{} drive.
\index{Speech}\index{Installation!Optional Steps}
If you wish to use speech support you will also need a voice file. Voice files
allow Rockbox to speak the user interface to you. Rockbox Utility can install
-an English voice file, or you can download it from \url{}
+an English voice file, or you can download it from \url{}
and unzip it to the root of your \dap{}.
Rockbox Utility can also aid you in the creation of voice files with different voices
or in other languages if you have a suitable speech engine installed on your computer.