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here. Notes are used to mark informations that could help you
or indicate a possible ``weirdness'' in rockbox that would be explained.
-\warn{This is a warning. In contrast to notes as mentioned above a warning
+\warn{This is a warning. In contrast to notes mentioned above, a warning
should be taken more seriously. While ignoring notes won't cause any serious
damage ignoring warnings \emph{could} cause serious damage. If you're new to
rockbox you should really read the warnings before doing anything that is
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ are used:
read the manual in the same way sighted people can do we've added some
additional descriptions. If you aren't blind or visually impaired you most
likely can completely skip these blocks. To make this easier, there is an
- icon shown in the margin like here.
+ icon shown in the margin on the right.
}{}% end ifpdfoutput