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+This player's firmware is based on a Linux platform called HibyOS. Rockbox
+runs as an application, replacing the stock \emph{Hibyplayer} application.
+In order to install Rockbox's bootloader, you will need a copy of the
+original player firmware. This can be downloaded from the manufacturer's
+web site. The following stock firmware versions are currently supported:
+ \opt{agptekrocker}{
+ \item 20171101
+ }
+After downloading the firmware, you will need to download the corresponding
+binary patch file (\fname{.bsdiff}) for the firmware version in question, from
+the following location:
+ \opt{agptekrocker}{
+ \item \download{bootloader/agptek}
+ }
+Using the \emph{bspatch} utility, apply the binary patch to the original bootloader, with an output file \fname{update.upt}. Place this file into the top-level directory of an SD card.
+Insert the SD card into the player, turn it on, and navigate the to the \emph{tools} menu, and select \emph{update firmware}. The device will restart to perform the update, then restart again, after which it will display the Rockbox bootloader menu.
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Although Rockbox is considered fully functional on the \playername{}, there are
a few limitations compared to the original firmware which you should be aware
of before installing.
@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ of before installing.
filesystems such as exFAT or NTFS are not supported.
\item[USB DAC.] This feature is not supported by Rockbox, but you can
dual-boot the original firmware if you want to use it.
- \opt{shanlingq1}{\item[Wireless.] There is no support for Bluetooth or WiFi.
+ \opt{shanlingq1,agptekrocker,xduoox3ii,xduoox20,aigoerosq}{\item[Wireless.] There is no support for Bluetooth\opt{shanlingq1}{ or WiFi}.
You can dual-boot the original firmware to use wireless functionality.}
\item[Hotswapping SD cards.] Rockbox runs from the SD card, not the internal
flash memory. Hotswapping is technically possible, but you need to install
@@ -544,6 +544,7 @@ by Rockbox, in the main directory of your \daps{} drive.
+ \opt{xduoox3ii,xduoox20,agptekrocker,aigoerosq}{\input{getting_started/hibyos_install.tex}}