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\item[Rockbox Info:]
Displays some basic system information. This is, from top to bottom,
the amount of memory Rockbox has available for storing music (the buffer). The
-battery status.\nopt{ondio}{Hard disk size and the amount of free space on the
-disk.}\opt{ondio}{Memory size divided into \emph{Int} and \emph{MMC}. Int shows
-the size and state (free space) of the internal memory, and MMC shows size and
-state of the plugged in Multi Media Card (in case one is plugged in).}
+battery status. %
+Memory size and amount of free space on the two data volumes, this info is
+given seperately for internal memory (\emph{Int}) and for a plugged in MMC
+\nopt{ondio}{Hard disk size and the amount of free space on the disk.}
-\opt{ondio}{memory} size and the amount
-of free space on the disk.
Software version and credits display.