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\emph{Time Demo } Run a timed demo, to test game speed on a player (Only runs on Doom Shareware)\\
\emph{Player Bobbing } Enable or Disable player up/Down movement\\
\emph{Translucency } Enable or Disable sprite translucency (Fireballs, Plasma...)\\
- \emph{Fake Contrast} Enable or Disable modified game lighting%\\
+ \emph{Fake Contrast} Enable or Disable modified game lighting\\
+ \emph{Always Run} Make the player always run\\
+ \emph{Headsup Display} Show the player status when in fullscreen\\
+ \emph{Statusbar Always Red} Disable color response statusbar%\\
\item[InGame Main Menu: ]This menu can only be accessed from within a running game, and is displayed by \opt{h1xx,h300}{pressing \ButtonOff}\opt{IPOD_4G_PAD}{flipping your hold switch a couple of times}