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\item[Zoom.] Changes the distance at which slides are rendered from the ``camera''.
\item[Resize Covers.] Set whether to automatically resize the covers or to leave
them at their original size.
- \item[Rebuild cache.] Rebuild the PictureFlow cache. This is needed in order
- for PictureFlow to pick up new albums, and may occasionally be needed if albums
- are removed.
- \item[Update cache.] Update the PictureFlow cache. New albumart will be added.
+ \item[Rebuild cache.] Creates a fresh album index and builds the artwork cache from scratch.
+ \item[Update cache.] Creates a fresh album index and updates the existing artwork cache to
+ include newly added albums.
\item[WPS integration.] Integrate PictureFlow with the While Playing Screen and enable
the Current Playlist context menu.
\item[Backlight.] Force backlight on while running pictureflow.