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+Rockboy is a Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator for Rockbox based
+on the gnuboy emulator. To start a game open a ROM file saved as .gb or
+.gbc in the file browser.\\
+\textbf{Default keys}
+ \begin{center}
+ \begin{tabular}{cll}\toprule
+ \textbf{Key} & \textbf{Function}\\\midrule
+ \opt{recorder,recorderv2fm}{F1}\opt{h1xx}{PLAY}\opt{h300}{RECORD}& A button\\
+ \opt{recorder,recorderv2fm}{F2}\opt{h1xx}{STOP}\opt{h300}{A-B}& B button\\
+ \opt{recorder,recorderv2fm}{F3}\opt{h1xx}{RECORD}\opt{h300}{PLAY}& Start\\
+ \opt{recorder,recorderv2fm}{PLAY}\opt{h1xx}{SELECT}\opt{h300}{NAVI}& Select\\
+ \opt{recorder,recorderv2fm}{MENU & Cycle display scaling modes\\}
+ \opt{recorder,recorderv2fm,h300}{STOP}\opt{h1xx}{A-B}& Open Rockboy menu\\\bottomrule
+ \end{tabular}
+ \end{center}
+\textbf{Rockboy menu}
+\item \textbf{Back to Game}
+Takes you back to the game.
+\item \textbf{Load State...}
+Loads a previously saved state.
+\item \textbf{Save State...}
+Saves your current state.
+\item \textbf{Options...}
+ \begin{itemize}
+ \item \textbf{Frameskip}
+ Change frameskip setting to improve speed.
+ \item \textbf{Sound ON/OFF}
+ Toggle sound.
+ \item \textbf{Stats ON/OFF}
+ Toggle showing fps and current frameskip.
+ \item \textbf{Set Keys (BUGGY)}
+ Select this option to set a new keymapping.
+ \end{itemize}
+\item \textbf{Quit RockBoy}
+Quits the Rockboy plugin.