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@@ -197,25 +197,19 @@ by using \emph{Open with} from the \emph{Context Menu}
\item[Encoding] Set the codepage in the text viewer.
Available settings:
- \setting{ISO-8859-1} (Latin 1).
+ \setting{ISO-8859-1} (Latin 1),
\setting{ISO-8859-7} (Greek),
- \opt{lcd_bitmap}{
- \setting{ISO-8859-8} (Hebrew),
- }
+ \setting{ISO-8859-8} (Hebrew),
\setting{CP1251} (Cyrillic),
- \opt{lcd_bitmap}{
- \setting{ISO-8859-11} (Thai),
- \setting{CP1256} (Arabic),
- }
+ \setting{ISO-8859-11} (Thai),
+ \setting{CP1256} (Arabic),
\setting{ISO-8859-9} (Turkish),
\setting{ISO-8859-2} (Latin Extended),
\setting{CP1250} (Central European),
- \opt{lcd_bitmap}{
- \setting{SJIS} (Japanese),
- \setting{GB-2312} (Simple Chinese),
- \setting{KSX-1001} (Korean),
- \setting{BIG5} (Traditional Chinese),
- }
+ \setting{SJIS} (Japanese),
+ \setting{GB-2312} (Simple Chinese),
+ \setting{KSX-1001} (Korean),
+ \setting{BIG5} (Traditional Chinese),
\setting{UTF-8} (Unicode),
This setting only applies to the plugin and is independent from the
\setting{Default Codepage} setting (see \reference{ref:Defaultcodepage}).
@@ -230,9 +224,7 @@ by using \emph{Open with} from the \emph{Context Menu}
\item[Join] Join lines together.
\item[Expand] Add a blank line at newlines. Useful for making paragraphs
clearer in some book style text files.
- \opt{lcd_bitmap}{
\item[Reflow Lines] Justify the text.
- }
\item[Screens Per Page] Set the number of screens per page. Available
options are \setting{1} to \setting{5} screens per page.
@@ -242,7 +234,6 @@ by using \emph{Open with} from the \emph{Context Menu}
(Useful for displaying right-to-left languages, such as Arabic or Hebrew)
\item[Left] Set the text alignment to the left.
- \opt{lcd_bitmap}{
\item[Show Header] Select whether to show the header. The header displays the file path.
\item[No] Do not display the header.
@@ -263,7 +254,6 @@ by using \emph{Open with} from the \emph{Context Menu}
\item[No] Do not display the status bar.
\item[Yes] Display the status bar.
- }
\item[Scroll Settings] The scrolling settings submenu.
\item[Horizontal] Submenu for horizontal scrolling settings.
@@ -299,14 +289,12 @@ by using \emph{Open with} from the \emph{Context Menu}
\item[Scroll by Page] Scroll up or down one full screen.
\item[Scroll by Line] Scroll up or down one line.
- \opt{lcd_bitmap}{
\item[Overlap Pages] Set whether the last line from the
previous screen is retained when scrolling pages.
\item[No] Do not retain previous line.
\item[Yes] Retain previous line.
- }
\item[Auto-scroll Speed] Control the speed of auto-scrolling
in number of lines per second. Available options are
\setting{1} to \setting{10} lines per second. As an example,