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+\subsection{Lua scripting language}
+To quote from the Lua website (\url{}), Lua is a ``powerful,
+fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language''. Select a \fname{.lua} file
+in the \setting{File Browser} to run it. For more information on programming
+in Lua, please see \url{} and
+There are a few exceptions/additions to the Lua support in Rockbox:
+ \item[No floating point support.] The number type in Lua is usually float,
+ however in the Rockbox implementation it is integer.
+ \item[Non-supported libraries.] The coroutine, debug, file, io, math
+ and package libraries are not supported.
+ \item[Partially-supported libraries.] The os library is only partially
+ supported.
+ \item[Additional libraries.] The bitlib library is integrated to support
+ bitwise operators. See \url{} and
+ \url{}.
+Documentation of the API is still a work in progress, and the API itself is
+not finalised. For the latest information, see \wikilink{PluginLua}.\\
+\note{Please note that if a script does not provide a way to exit, then
+the only way to exit will be to reset the \dap.} \ No newline at end of file
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