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@@ -749,10 +749,8 @@ The default directory structure that is assumed by some parts of Rockbox
your music organized in a way different than they assume when attempting to
guess the Artist and Album names from your filetree.
See \reference{ref:Supportedaudioformats} for a list of supported audio
\subsection{The first contact}
@@ -817,13 +815,11 @@ is discussed in more detail in \reference{ref:manage_settings}.
The Rockbox distribution comes with some themes that should look nice on
your \dap{}.
\note{Some of the themes shipped with Rockbox need additional
fonts from the fonts package, so make sure you installed them.
Also, if you downloaded additional themes from the Internet make sure you
have the needed fonts installed as otherwise the theme may not display
\section{USB Charging}