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and \ButtonDown{}. The raised button positioned in the lower left of this round
crosspad is labelled \ButtonMenu{}.}
- \nopt{h1xx,h300,ipodnano,ipodvideo,ipodmini,ipod4g,ipod3g,ipodcolor,ondio}
+ \opt{h10,h10_5gb}{
+ Hold or lay the \dap{} so that the side with the scroll pad and
+ LCD is facing towards you. In the centre below the lcd is the scroll pad. It
+ is oriented vertically. Touching the top and bottom half of it acts as the
+ \ButtonScrollUp{} and \ButtonScrollDown{} buttons respectively. On the left
+ of the scroll pad is the \ButtonLeft{} button and on the right is the
+ \ButtonRight{} button.
+ There are three buttons on the right hand side of the \dap{}. From top to
+ bottom, they are: \ButtonRew{}, \ButtonPlay{} and \ButtonFF{}. On the left
+ hand side is the \ButtonPower{} button.
+ On the top panel of the \dap{}, from left to right, you can find the
+ following: hold switch, \opt{h10}{reset pin hole, }remote port and headphone
+ mini jack plug.
+ On the bottom panel of the \dap{}, is the data cable port.}
+ %
+ \nopt{h1xx,h300,ipodnano,ipodvideo,ipodmini,ipod4g,ipod3g,ipodcolor,ondio,h10,h10_5gb}
\fixme{Write a section describing the \dap{} for blind users.}