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@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ your WPS (While Playing Screen).
%These actions need definitions for the other targets
- \ButtonFThree & Toggles Display quick menu.\\%
+ \ButtonFThree & Toggles Display quick screen.\\%
\ButtonFOne+\ButtonDown & Key lock on/off.\\%
\ButtonFOne+\ButtonPlay & Mute on/off.\\%
@@ -254,12 +254,12 @@ function in the file browser's \setting{Context Menu}.
- \section{\label{ref:QuickScreenMenus}Quick Screen Menus}
- \screenshot{rockbox_interface/images/ss-quick-screen-112x64x1.png}{The quick screen}{}
- \screenshot{rockbox_interface/images/ss-quick-screen2-112x64x1.png}{The quick screen}{}
+ \section{\label{ref:QuickScreens}Quick Screens}
+ \screenshot{rockbox_interface/images/ss-quick-screen-112x64x1.png}{The F2 quick screen}{}
+ \screenshot{rockbox_interface/images/ss-quick-screen2-112x64x1.png}{The F3 quick screen}{}
Rockbox handles function buttons in a different way to the Archos software.
\ButtonFOne\ is always bound to the menu function, while \ButtonFTwo\ and
- \ButtonFThree\ enable two quick menus.
+ \ButtonFThree\ enable two quick screens.
\ButtonFTwo\ displays some browse and play settings which are likely to be
changed frequently. This settings are Shuffle mode, Repeat mode and the Show