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\subsubsection{By using the Main Menu}
To create a playlist containing some or all of the music on your \dap{}, you can use the
\setting{Create Playlist} command in the \setting{Playlist Catalogue Context Menu}
-(see \reference{ref:Contextmenu}).
+(see \reference{ref:playlistcatalogue_contextmenu}).
\subsection{Adding music to playlists}
@@ -116,6 +116,12 @@ to the playlist file (see \reference{ref:playlistoptions}).
\item [Queue Last Shuffled.] Corresponds to \setting{Insert Last Shuffled}.
+\note{You can hide the options to add shuffled tracks or to queue tracks, if you wish.
+The latter can also be put into its own submenu. Simply go to
+\setting{Settings} $\rightarrow$ \setting{General Settings} $\rightarrow$ \setting{Playlists}
+$\rightarrow$ \setting{Current Playlist} and select either \setting{Show Shuffled Adding Options}
+or \setting{Show Queue Options} to customize the displayed set of options.}
The \setting{Current Playlist Submenu} can be used to add either single tracks or
entire directories to a playlist. If the \setting{Current Playlist Submenu} is
invoked on a single track, it will put only that track into the playlist.