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\screenshot{main_menu/images/ss-fm-radio-screen}{The FM radio screen}{}
This menu option switches to the radio screen.
The FM radio has the ability \opt{recording}{to record and } to
- remember station frequency settings (presets).
+ remember station frequency settings (presets). Since stations and their
+ frequencies vary depending on location, it is possible to load these
+ settings from a file. Such files should have the filename extension
+ \fname{.fmr} and reside in the directory \fname{/.rockbox/fmpresets}
+ (note that this directory does not exist after the initial Rockbox
+ installation; you should create it manually). To load the settings,
+ i.e. a set of FM stations, from a preset file, just 'play' it from the
+ file browser. Rockbox will 'remember' and use it in \setting{PRESET} mode
+ until another file has been selected. Some preset files are available here:
+ \wikilink{FmPresets}
\opt{masf}{\note{The radio will shorten battery life, because the
MAS-chip is set to record mode for instant recordings.}
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Enter the name (maximum number of characters is 32).
Press \ActionKbdDone{} to save.
- \note{See this page for pre-made FM radio presets from all around the world.}
- \wikilink{FmPresets}
\item[Selecting a preset:]
\opt{ONDIO_PAD}{\ActionFMMenu{} to open the menu, select