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Choose the source of the recording. The options are:
\opt{recording_digital}{\setting{Digital} (SPDIF), }%
- \opt{recording_hwcodec}{ and \setting{Line~In}.}%
\nopt{radio}{\opt{recording_linein}{ and \setting{Line~In}.}}%
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@@ -243,8 +243,6 @@ still available to you.\\
various important aspects of Rockbox, such as the different versions
-\opt{hwcodec}{Rockbox itself comes as a single package. There is no need
- to install additional software to run Rockbox.}
\opt{swcodec} {
\opt{HAVE_RB_BL_ON_DISK}{There are three separate components,
two of which need to be installed in order to run Rockbox:}
@@ -690,10 +688,8 @@ The new build will be installed over your current build.\\
data partition.\\}
- The bootloader only changes rarely, and should not normally
- need to be updated.\\
+The bootloader only changes rarely, and should not normally
+need to be updated.\\
\note{If you use Rockbox Utility be aware that it cannot detect manually
installed components.}
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@@ -22,7 +22,6 @@ recording.\\*
the peak meters to freeze in the process. This is expected behaviour, and
nothing to worry about. The recording continues during the spin up.\\*}}}
-\opt{recording_hwcodec}{The frequency, channels and quality}
\opt{recording_swcodec}{The frequency and channels} settings are shown in the
status bar.\\*
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@@ -5,11 +5,6 @@ art. \opt{swcodec}{It is possible to start playback of the selected
album from PictureFlow. Playback will start from the selected track. The
PictureFlow plugin will continue to run while your tracks are played.}
-\note{PictureFlow is a visualisation only. It cannot be used to select and
-play music. Also, using this plugin will cause playback to stop.}
PictureFlow uses both the album art (see \reference{ref:album_art}) and
database (see \reference{ref:database}) features of Rockbox.