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+A tool to install/uninstall a dual bootloader into a s5l8702 based
+ - iPod Classic 6G
+ - iPod Nano 3G (TODO)
+ mks5lboot --bl-inst <bootloader.ipod> [-p <pid>] [--single]
+ --bl-uninst <platform> [-p <pid>]
+ --dfuscan [--loop [<sec>]] [-p <pid>]
+ --dfusend <infile.dfu> [-p <pid>]
+ --dfureset [--loop [<sec>]] [-p <pid>]
+ --mkdfu-inst <bootloader.ipod> <outfile.dfu> [--single]
+ --mkdfu-uninst <platform> <outfile.dfu>
+ --mkdfu-raw <filename.bin> <outfile.dfu>
+ --bl-inst Install file <bootloader.ipod> into an iPod device
+ (same as --mkdfu-inst and --dfusend).
+ --bl-uninst Remove a bootloader from an iPod device (same as
+ --mkdfu-uninst and --dfusend).
+ --dfuscan scan for DFU USB devices and outputs the status.
+ --dfusend send DFU image <infile.dfu> to the device.
+ --dfureset reset DFU USB device bus.
+ --mkdfu-inst Build a DFU image containing an installer for
+ <bootloader.ipod>, save it as <outfile.dfu>.
+ --mkdfu-uninst Build a DFU image containing an uninstaler for
+ <platform> devices, save it as <outfile.dfu>.
+ --mkdfu-raw Build a DFU image containing raw executable
+ code, save it as <outfile.dfu>. <infile.bin>
+ is the code you want to run, it is loaded at
+ address 0x2200030c and executed.
+ <bootloader.ipod> is the rockbox bootloader that you want to
+ install (previously scrambled with tools/scramble utility).
+ <platform> is the name of the platform (type of device) for
+ which the DFU uninstaller will be built. Currently supported
+ platform names are:
+ ipod6g: iPod Classic 6G
+ -p, --pid <pid> Use a specific <pid> (Product Id) USB device,
+ if this option is ommited then it uses the
+ first USB DFU device found.
+ -l, --loop <sec> Run the command every <sec> seconds, default
+ period (<sec> ommited) is 1 seconds.
+ -S, --single Be careful using this option. The bootloader
+ is installed for single boot, the original
+ Apple NOR boot is destroyed (if it exists),
+ and only Rockbox can be used.
+Dual bootloader installation
+ - An iPod Classic 6th with Apple firmware installed and running, current
+ supported FW versions for existing models:
+ Classic 6th 80/160 Late 2007 (1G): 1.1.2
+ Classic 6th 120 Late 2008 (2G): 2.0.1
+ Classic 6th 160 Late 2009 (3G): 2.0.4
+ Classic 6th 160 Late 2012 (4G): 2.0.5
+ - If your iPod is formated using Apple partitions you must convert this
+ ipod to FAT32 format (aka a "winpod"), see
+ wiki/IpodConversionToFAT32
+ - It is recommended to install the RB firmware before installing the dual
+ bootloader for the first time. Install Rockbox using RockboxUtility or
+ download the latest daily build and uncompress it into the root folder
+ of the iPod.
+ Windows only:
+ - If iTunes is installed:
+ . Configure iTunes: Summary -> Options -> check "Enable disk use".
+ - If iTunes is not installed:
+ . You need a DFU USB driver for your device. To check if there is a
+ valid USB driver installed, put your device on DFU mode and choose
+ one of either:
+ a) Use Windows Device Manager to verify if you USB DFU device is
+ present.
+ b) Use mks5lboot tool running "mks5lboot --dfuscan", common output:
+ . When the DFU device is found and a valid driver is installed:
+ [INFO] DFU device state: 2
+ . When the device is found but there is no driver installed:
+ [ERR] Could not open USB device: LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED
+ . Then the device is found but driver is not valid (probably a
+ libusb-win32 driver is installed):
+ [ERR] Could not set USB configuration: LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_FOUND
+ . If there is no valid DFU driver installed, try one of these:
+ a) Use Zadig ( to build and install a WinUSB
+ ( or libusbK driver for your device. Note that
+ libusb-win32 (libusb0) drivers are not valid for mks5lboot.
+ b) Use Apple Mobile Device USB driver (included with iTunes).
+Command line install:
+ - If you are using iTunes on Windows, close iTunes and kill (or pause)
+ iTunesHelper.exe before entering DFU mode.
+ - Put you device on DFU mode by pressing and holding SELECT+MENU buttons
+ for about 12 seconds.
+ You can notice when the device enters DFU mode running the next command
+ to scan the USB bus every second (press Ctrl-C to abort the scan):
+ mks5lboot --dfuscan --loop
+ - To install or update a bootloader, build the DFU installer and send it
+ to the device:
+ mks5lboot --bl-inst /path/to/bootloader-ipod6g.ipod
+ When the DFU imagen is loaded and executed, the device emits an 'alive'
+ tone (2000Hz/100ms). When the bootloader is successfully installed then
+ a dual tone beep sounds (1000Hz/100ms+2000Hz/150ms) and the device
+ reboots. If something went bad then 330Hz/500ms tone is emited and the
+ device reboots. When three 330Hz tones sounds, it means that the NOR
+ got corrupted and the device must be restored using iTunes (should not
+ happen).
+ - To remove a previously installed bootloader, build the DFU uninstaler
+ and send it to the device:
+ mks5lboot --bl-uninst ipod6g
+ If USB access is denied, try to run the mks5lboot tool using a privileged
+ user (i.e. Administrator or root).
+The purpose of this program is to provide dual-boot between the original
+firmware and the new (rockbox) firmware.
+The button press check is done ~800 ms. after power-up or reboot, then:
+ SELECT + MENU: resets the device after ~5 seconds, then if SELECT+MENU
+ remains pressed the device enters DFU mode after an
+ additional period of ~8 seconds.
+ SELECT + LEFT: enter OF diagnostics (after ~7 seconds).
+ SELECT + PLAY: enter OF diskmode (after ~7 seconds).
+ SELECT + RIGHT: enter bootloader USB mode.
+ MENU: enter OF
+ Hold Switch locked: enter OF (see below for details).
+ Any other combination: launch Rockbox.
+Switch current firmware:
+ Tries to behave like ipod Video, see
+ rockbox-ipodvideo/rockbox-buildch3.html#x5-290003.1.3
+ Apple is the current FW:
+ - Stop playback and wait a few seconds for hard disk spin-down.
+ - Press and hold SELECT+MENU, after ~5 seconds the player hard resets,
+ release the buttons when the screen goes black.
+ Rockbox is the current FW:
+ - Shut down the device using "Long Play" key press.
+ - Once the device is powered off, there are three ways to enter OF:
+ 1) Press and hold MENU button for at least ~800 ms.
+ 2) Turn on the Hold switch immediately after turning the player on,
+ it must be done before "Loading Rockbox..." message appears (~3
+ seconds from power-on). Be careful, if the hold switch is locked
+ when Rockbox starts then your RB settings will be cleared!
+ 3) You can also load the original firmware by shutting down the
+ device, then clicking the Hold switch on and connecting the iPod
+ to your computer.
+Use --single option if the Apple firmware is not installed on your iPod
+and/or you want to force the installation of the bootloader to use Rockbox
+as unique firmware. The single-boot installer writes the bootloader on the
+NOR with no previous check, the original Apple NOR boot is destroyed if it
+To build the DFU single-boot installer and send it to the device:
+ mks5lboot --bl-inst --single /path/to/bootloader-ipod6g.ipod
+Needs libusb > 1.0 installed, tested on:
+Linux: gcc-4.9.2 + libusb-1.0.19
+Windows XP: mingw32-gcc-4.8.1 + libusbx-1.0.15
+OS X 10.11: clang-7.3.0 + libusb-1.0.20
+See comments in mkdfu.c, ipoddfu.c, dualboot.c and bootloader/ipod6g.c for
+more information.