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Place both these files in the sansapatcher source directory, and type "make".
+Building your own bootloaders
+If you would like to compile the bootloaders yourself, they are the output of
+running the "Bootloader" build for the E200 and C200 targets.
+NOTE: Unless you know what you are doing, it is recommended that you
+ use the official pre-built binary bootloaders linked to above.
+ Bootloaders compiled from current Rockbox SVN are untested and
+ may contain bugs preventing you from starting the device (or
+ worse...).
+In the Rockbox source directory, do:
+mkdir build-e200-bootloader
+cd build-e200-bootloader
+[Select E200, then B for bootloader]
+This will create PP5022.mi4 which you should copy to the sansapatcher
+build directory.
+A similar process for the C200 will create firmware.mi4.