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-# bdf2fnt - shell script to convert a BDF file to RBF format
-# usage: bdf2fnt bdffile (don't use .bdf extension!)
-# Example: bdf2fnt courB08
-# creates ./courB08.fnt and /tmp/courB08.c
-# the .fnt file can be renamed /system.fnt for loading
-# the .c file can be moved to firmware dir to compile-in font
-# convert from bdf to C source
-./bdf2c $1.bdf > /tmp/$1.c
-# compile writerbf with linked C source font
-gcc -DARCHOS_RECORDER -DFONT=font_$1 -I../firmware -I../firmware/common -o /tmp/writerbf writerbf.c /tmp/$1.c
-# run writerbf, will write linked incore font to .rbf format
-rm /tmp/writerbf
-# load .rbf font and display it for test
-gcc -DARCHOS_RECORDER -DMAX_FONT_SIZE=500000 -I../firmware/common -o /tmp/loadrbf loadrbf.c
-/tmp/loadrbf $1.fnt > /tmp/$1.1
-rm /tmp/loadrbf
-# link .c font and diff with .fnt load for test
-gcc -DARCHOS_RECORDER -DFONT=font_$1 -I../firmware -I../firmware/common -o /tmp/loadrbf loadrbf.c /tmp/$1.c
-/tmp/loadrbf > /tmp/$1.2
-rm /tmp/loadrbf
-# we diff the output to ensure correctness
-diff /tmp/$1.1 /tmp/$1.2
-# clean up
-rm /tmp/$1.1 /tmp/$1.2
-#rm /tmp/$1.c