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+#define _PAGE_ Rockbox Digests - News From the Front
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+#include "news.t"
+<p> BAGDER is the editor of the Rockbox digest section. He tries to keep up
+ with discussions on IRC, the mailing list, the sourceforge trackers and CVS
+ commits to sum up what's going on in the project in a slightly digested
+ manner. Suitable for outsiders who don't care to follow the intense
+ development mailing list and similar.
+<p align="center">
+<big><a href="digest.html">The Most Recent Digest</a></big>
+<p> You can also access the digest as a <a href="digest.rss">RSS feed</a>.
+<p> You should be able to get a Rockbox sidebar in your Netscape/Mozilla
+browser using <a href=""></a>.
+<p> The work on this was started on April 15th, 2003. On the day of the
+ Rockbox 2.0 release. If you found something you think are wrong, anything
+ I've missed in here or similar, drop me a mail at <a
+ href="mailto:rockbox-digest at haxx dot se">rockbox-digest at haxx dot
+ se</a>. If you have ideas or opinions about the actual subjects mentioned, <a
+ href="/mail/">join the mailing list</a> and post about it there.
+<p> <a
+src="valid-rss.png" alt="[Valid RSS]" title="Validate my RSS feed" width="88"
+height="31" border="0" /></a>
+#include "foot.t"