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+<p><i>2003-02-14</i>: Matthew P. O'Reilly gave Linus an FM Recorder for his birthday!
+Linus had it for 2 hours before he took it apart and started drawing schematics...
+<p><i>2003-01-10</i>: Full ISO-8859-1 font support added for Players, using the <a href="/docs/rocklatin.html">Rocklatin1</a> dynamic charset system.
+<p><i>2002-12-21</i>: You can now donate to the Rockbox project via PayPal. See the new button in the left menu.
+<p><i>2002-11-10</i>: Added recording functionality.
+<p><i>2002-10-15</i>: Now the Player/Studio models run the same firmware. No more Old and New player firmware.
+<p><i>2002-10-11</i>: Version 1.4 is released. <a href="download/">Grab it</a>.
<p><i>2002-09-19</i>: We now support multiple languages. You can help by translating Rockbox to your language. No programming skills required.
<a href="">See instructions here</a>