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-<p><i>2003-04-01</i>: <a href="/doom/">Play Doom on the Archos Recorder</a>!
-<p><i>2003-02-17</i>: Rockbox <a href="/daily.shtml">daily builds</a> works on
-the FM Recorder now.
-<p><i>2003-02-14</i>: Matthew P. O'Reilly gave Linus an FM Recorder for his birthday!
-Linus had it for 2 hours before he took it apart and started drawing schematics...
-<p><i>2003-01-10</i>: Full ISO-8859-1 font support added for Players, using the <a href="/docs/rocklatin.html">Rocklatin1</a> dynamic charset system.
+<p><i>2003-04-15</i>: Version 2.0 is <a href="/download/">released</a>
-<p><i>2002-12-21</i>: You can now donate to the Rockbox project via PayPal. See the new button in the left menu.
-<p><i>2002-11-10</i>: Added recording functionality.
-<p><i>2002-10-15</i>: Now the Player/Studio models run the same firmware. No more Old and New player firmware.
+<p><i>2003-04-01</i>: <a href="/doom/">Play Doom on the Archos Recorder</a>!
-<p><i>2002-10-11</i>: Version 1.4 is released. <a href="download/">Grab it</a>.
+<p><i>2003-02-17</i>: Rockbox <a href="/daily.shtml">daily builds</a> now work on
+the FM Recorder.
<p><i><small>(Old news items have moved to a
<a href="history.html">separate page</a>.)</small></i>
-<h2>Recent CVS activity</h2>
-<!--#include file="" -->
<p>This is a rough indication of which features we plan/expect/hope to be
included in which versions. Naturally, this is all subject to change without
-<dt><b>Version 2.0</b>
-<dd> Recording, Autobuild playlists, File/directory management
+<dt><b>Version 2.1</b>
+<dd> Lots of features and fixes that were held off for 2.0
-<h2>About the hardware</h2>
+<dt><b>Version 2.2</b>
+<dd> User interface overhaul
-<p>I wrote a <a href="internals/bjorn.html">"dissection" page</a> some months ago,
-showing the inside of the Archos and listing the main components.
-I have also collected a couple of <a href="docs/">data sheets</a>.
-Also, don't miss the <a href="notes.html">research notes</a>
-from my reverse-engineering the firmware.
+<dt><b>Version 2.3</b>
+<dd> Plugin loader, opening the door for a bucketful of new applications
-<h2>About the software</h2>
-<p>The player has one version of the firmware in ROM.
-The first thing this version does after boot is to look for a file called
-"archos.mod" on the Player/Studio or "ajbrec.ajz" on the recorder in the
-root directory of the harddisk.
-If it exists, it is loaded into RAM and started.
-This is how firmware upgrades are loaded. Note that you can revert to the ROM
-version by just deleting the firmware file.
+<h2>Recent CVS activity</h2>
+<!--#include file="" -->
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