AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2009-10-09Remove all RC bits from the ams bootloaders and mkamsboot. Also fix a compila...bootloader_pp_v6bootloader_ams_v1Thomas Martitz3-3/+3
2009-10-09Backport r23036 to the bootloader branch.Thomas Martitz1-4/+20
2009-09-20Make Samsung YH* bootloaders non-verbose (i.e. show the bootlogo)Thomas Martitz1-1/+2
2009-09-08Fix Version string for PP5022/PP5020. The bootloader for c200, mrobe100 and a...Thomas Martitz1-1/+1
2009-09-08Backport r22659 to the PP&AMS bootloader branch.Thomas Martitz2-1/+24
2009-07-05Set PP bootloader version to 6.0Frank Gevaerts2-1/+7
2009-07-05bump version for new release. No code changesFrank Gevaerts1-1/+1
2009-07-05fix bin2c.c pathFrank Gevaerts1-2/+2
2009-07-05bump sansapatcher versionFrank Gevaerts1-1/+1
2009-07-05Version 1.0RC for the Sansa AMS bootloader.Thomas Martitz1-0/+4
2009-07-05Backport r21652 and give mkamsboot "1.1RC".Thomas Martitz2-4/+6
2009-07-05Create a branch for updated bootloaders for USB-enabled PortalPlayer devices ...Thomas Martitz0-0/+0
2009-07-05Slightly rewrite some parts of mkamsboot for better output and some sanity in...Thomas Martitz2-99/+115
2009-07-05ARM922T's icache isn't coherent with its dcache, so we need to ensure that it...Michael Giacomelli2-0/+6
2009-07-04Start of an Iaudio M3 manual: add the necessary platform files (name the remo...Marianne Arnold9-7/+1515
2009-07-04Do not delete tagcache entries on bootup with dircache enabled but auto-updat...Thomas Martitz1-1/+2
2009-07-04FS#10291: use lib highscore.h and add a new highscore tableJohannes Schwarz1-99/+83
2009-07-04Crude logging for the sim in database creation/updating - to aid in debuggingJonas Häggqvist1-0/+11
2009-07-04When changing TTS settings from the talkfile dialog make sure to not reset th...Dominik Riebeling1-1/+7
2009-07-04Replace HAVE_SCROLLWHEEL in PictureFlow with USE_CORE_PREVNEXT, defined on ta...Andrew Mahone1-4/+9
2009-07-04Revert "Consolidate all fixed point math routines in one library (FS#10400) b...Maurus Cuelenaere14-773/+713
2009-07-04Set svn:keywords propertyMaurus Cuelenaere2-2/+2
2009-07-04Consolidate all fixed point math routines in one library (FS#10400) by Jeffre...Maurus Cuelenaere14-713/+773
2009-07-03Lua: always expose BUTTON_TOUCHSCREEN and remove BUTTON_ constants from rockl...Maurus Cuelenaere2-5/+0
2009-07-03Also enable frequency switching on Onda VX767Maurus Cuelenaere1-2/+1
2009-07-03Accept FS #10244 by Wincent Balin: more pdbox work done for GSoC; also some k...Peter D'Hoye113-4420/+10637
2009-07-03Ingenic Jz4740: add basic frequency switchingMaurus Cuelenaere3-6/+25
2009-07-03Still failing at git-svn, but I won't give up! The previous commitThomas Martitz1-4/+1
2009-07-03test test testThomas Martitz1-1/+4
2009-07-03Ingenic Jz4740 PCM driver: add some locking here and there (doesn't fix all P...Maurus Cuelenaere1-57/+64
2009-07-03Ingenic Jz4740: remove some unneeded stuff and simplify SD driver (also thank...Maurus Cuelenaere2-462/+67
2009-07-03JPEG IDCT8 ARMv6 assembly, slight speedup vs ARMv5.Andrew Mahone1-15/+215
2009-07-03Fix the bug where the short-long fwd/back action would ffwd/rewind the next f...Jonathan Gordon3-0/+29
2009-07-02Initialise minesweeper main menu so that first item is selected on plugin sta...Dave Hooper1-1/+1
2009-07-02Commit patch in FS#7967 by Vuong Minh Hiep (with some small changes to variab...Dave Hooper1-24/+29
2009-07-02Fix playlist viewer behaviour when deleting tracks (one ret had missed being ...Dave Hooper1-1/+9
2009-07-02reduce size of the instance of struct style_text in lib/display.h (thanks to ...Johannes Schwarz2-11/+17
2009-07-02Fix DEBUG builds when CONFIG_CPU != SH7034 and HAVE_GDB_API isn't definedRafaël Carré1-4/+11
2009-07-02Core JPEG IDCT8 optimizations for ARMv5+, small optimizations for ARMv4.Andrew Mahone1-14/+233
2009-07-01Move sd_get_info() into common sd codeRafaël Carré4-53/+23
2009-07-01 * Move some more stuff to the general SD driverMaurus Cuelenaere4-81/+49
2009-07-01Ingenic jz4740 SD driver: remove custom list of SD commandsRafaël Carré2-429/+366
2009-07-01add firmware/driver/sd.c which contains common code between SD driversRafaël Carré9-135/+148
2009-07-01card_extract_bits() take the start bit argument as defined in public SanDisk ...Rafaël Carré5-33/+38
2009-07-01clarify error message a bitFrank Gevaerts1-1/+1
2009-07-01Remove the static order[] allocation in favour of plugin_get_buffer()Frank Gevaerts1-4/+13
2009-07-01Assume a smaller plugin binsize, so MAX_SHUFFLE_SIZE actually fits on archosFrank Gevaerts1-1/+2
2009-07-01Ingenic Jz4740 SD driver: remove some unneeded stuff + fill the OCR field in ...Maurus Cuelenaere1-9/+4
2009-07-01Lua: because Rockbox doesn't support any current working directory functional...Maurus Cuelenaere5-29/+44
2009-07-01Add "Play Shuffled" menu item to random_folder_advance_config, which adds all...Frank Gevaerts4-1/+76