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2019-08-14Fix compile on IHIFI770/770C/800 targets.Solomon Peachy1-1/+2
Change-Id: If8b150627c2b9746b24123d263edc69d91df855d
2019-08-14Make 'filter roll off' strings conditional, for specific targets only.Solomon Peachy21-192/+388
Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: Ic22ee5169015c5bdc3d7e7513dacaf2a536264f0
2019-08-13Improvements for vbrfix plugin:Solomon Peachy6-23/+91
* Properly account for ID3v1 tags * Play time computation fixes * Add speech feedback Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: Ia6df8fb171882a88527cfa9d3b76b705f09becdd
2019-08-13Tweak how the pictureflow plugin is invokedSolomon Peachy1-8/+19
- Only load when database is ready - Assign to file browser only when returning to WPS - Minor speech fixes Patch by Igor Poretsky Re-synchronized by myself Change-Id: If9c943b3af415a2decd3dd5803d730bd790d09fe
2019-08-13Enhanced shortcuts speech feedbackIgor B. Poretsky1-2/+69
Trying to guess proper talk clip if it is not specified explicitly. Using spelling as a fallback. Change-Id: I9eeca3fbe23086c2d8fd45360546b6afaa9c7067
2019-08-12lua rock events crash on error in main stateWilliam Wilgus1-3/+4
on errors thread stack overflows yielding before thread_exit() is a bad idea apparently Change-Id: Iac45d4321fac496738384fdbbeb480356ef2a1bb
2019-08-11Windows shortcuts: remove warningsSebastian Leonhardt1-1/+1
Change-Id: I987cbf14da2f320ddbe3190b48ba5f8006d2ea3f
2019-08-11Add support for Windows shortcuts (*.lnk files)Sebastian Leonhardt6-0/+368
Supports only relative links across the same volume. Change-Id: I4f61bb9d5f2385d5b15d2b9d9a3f814a7ac85b54
2019-08-09quake: credit the PQ authorsFranklin Wei1-0/+1
We do use their code... Change-Id: Ia32dc0168a00fcea416418e4caa48b51818ef5d2
2019-08-09quake: further optimize D_DrawSpans8Franklin Wei1-178/+171
Found on Adds 1.1FPS (+8%) on ipod6g. Change-Id: I608588ff99d70ff5ce28d2c649afa4b10038cc03
2019-08-09quake: enable PQ_OPT5 (a fixed-point DrawSpans8)Franklin Wei3-3/+53
This boosts performance to 13.0FPS on ipod6g for `timedemo demo1'. That's a +34% increase from baseline. Change-Id: I50bae7783ff2fce46e8257c251c6b639c069e7cb
2019-08-09quake: merge the remaining Pocket Quake PQ_OPT changesFranklin Wei7-4/+767
I didn't do _OPT3 because it's disabled in the PQ source. This gives as +0.2FPS boost over the last commit. Change-Id: I9c3c8fb7bd23262beb810da6e9469d6b6c4b2a81
2019-08-09quake: merge some fixed-point optimizations from PocketQuakeFranklin Wei10-7/+867
The PocketQuake project, available below, has some nice fixed-point code: I'd like to see most of them merged into our Quake port. This commit gives +0.9FPS on ipod6g. (A big change given that it was running at only 9.7FPS to begin with!) Change-Id: I91931bdd5c22f14fb28616de938a03b4e7d7b076
2019-08-09Negative values speaking fix for some certain situationsIgor B. Poretsky1-1/+1
2019-08-09xduoox3: LANG_DISK_NAME strings for non-English languages and proper ↵Igor B. Poretsky41-241/+389
corresponding voice strings
2019-08-09Russian translations fixIgor B. Poretsky1-4/+5
2019-08-08Fix mikmod plugin build on armv4 targets (broke in 5b23c9e)Solomon Peachy1-1/+1
Change-Id: I1c79fbe44c13396388c533c4664b4ce1db150ac9
2019-08-08Introduce HW_SAMPR_MIN_GE_22 macroSolomon Peachy4-15/+87
Gives us the lowest HW sample rate that's >= 22KHz. Needed because some targets that don't support 22K support 11K or 8K, so HW_SAMPR_MIN will give us much lower quality than is acceptable. Take advantage of this new macro in the SDL, MIDI, and MIKMOD plugins, and implement a crude "fast enough" test to enable higher sample rates on more capable targets. Change-Id: I6ad38026fb3410c62da028e78512e027729bb851
2019-08-08Fix lua compile error on most targets, introduced in 8d77ec8Solomon Peachy1-1/+1
Change-Id: I217f78a9e348a18552563c6c3b235c9aed956f54
2019-08-08lua LCD fixWilliam Wilgus2-0/+2
forgot to set new size after realloc forgot to set sizelineinfo to 0 after free Change-Id: Iaf7533aafaba1e2abf9599c9e1d0b75d913a8c36
2019-08-08lua LCD (Lua Compact Debug) patchWilliam Wilgus13-6/+373
LCD developed 9/2015 by Terry Ellison We've already discarded the ldebug module from lua it only makes sense to discard the debug info as well adds 1.5 K to the binary saves 8 Kb on the base state once scripts start getting called i've seen 10-50Kb savings but it all depends on what exactly you are running Change-Id: Ibb74f344df1c4c96380ec6c98b010a810e9ae9cc
2019-08-08sdl: document some pointer voodooFranklin Wei1-0/+2
This was lifted straight from pictureflow... Change-Id: Ie09184390e6fcea007e7daea001f075de307f878
2019-08-07Further lanuage tweaks:Solomon Peachy3-17/+491
- Corrected X3 mSD slot voices - Synchronized English-US - Synchronized Russian Change-Id: If0dffc7b06b5434a318342856e101d997a91b861
2019-08-07Further updates to the Russian voiced strings, by Igor PoretskySolomon Peachy1-22/+22
(These had to be fixed up by hand) Change-Id: I951d1bcf50af03e6a313e5636f8594c285656507
2019-08-07Major update to Russian Translation, by Igor PoretskySolomon Peachy1-223/+2471
(Not all chunks made it due to dependencies on non-merged stuff) Change-Id: I370ecba4ac4d4009e65b2829c32dfc3bde00220f
2019-08-07Speech feedback in the pictureflow pluginSolomon Peachy3-35/+759
Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: I99d789e43d1093c69b4d76f58704303d3c1b3c80
2019-08-07Mikmod plugin improvementsSolomon Peachy4-33/+246
- Improved sound quality (use 44.1KHz) - Conventional mixer is now used - Playback is performed in a separate thread - Speech feedback in menus Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: I13baa224cefd67aefe6d62b988971bfbd421757d
2019-08-06Respect age when freeing thumbnails from clip cache.Solomon Peachy1-6/+16
Otherwise they could get freed while queued. Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: I436b074d81a85cfeb68a07a17320a3c9c0a43e1e
2019-08-06Improved reliability of runtime accounting and speaking it.Solomon Peachy3-2/+12
Change-Id: I6f0fb907e0378487cec387a2cfd3a20b9a596c4e
2019-08-06Fix some bad strings in two language files.Solomon Peachy2-2/+2
Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: Id46eb8829eb343db1bb0e936363e71fcc071fd97
2019-08-05lua fix lua_close on os.exit(0)William Wilgus1-0/+2
Change-Id: Ib225ecf9ea64c95e438c4114b23239c118ab19a2
2019-08-05lua fix crashes EGC failure to lock stack in concatWilliam Wilgus1-4/+7
Change-Id: I980637b1d8aa91d7ac0ed71fd0e7d21bda7876c4
2019-08-06Synchronize the english-US translation, including missing voice strings.Solomon Peachy1-5/+285
Change-Id: I9e5841ff0ce71f513feb2ce84489b71787d215e9
2019-08-05Fix rockbox info screen on non-MULTIVOLUME targetsSolomon Peachy1-3/+6
Regression introduced in c3a775c05b70ea538076c3f02909137e9474c52e Change-Id: Idd069d6325e3403b4de445856184758d3f8230a5
2019-08-05Midiplay plugin ehancementsSolomon Peachy7-113/+230
- Improved robustness - Improved sound quality - Use mixer and DSP Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: I6fa617158cbaa53ae842295cdbdbe3a478e49ded
2019-08-05Two more warning fixes for the Chinese (Traditional) translation.Solomon Peachy1-2/+2
Change-Id: I646ee9ee8ebe9efc64ff9c7551cddf093579d9a0
2019-08-05Fix up warnings introduced by Traditional Chinese Language update.Solomon Peachy1-19/+19
I think I got them all. Change-Id: If3a2e0438c92472ec8aaf86f4341dc5fd7412e2d
2019-08-05FS#13071: Updated Chinese (Traditional) TranslationSolomon Peachy2-48/+1714
Courtesy of Guo Zhong Kai Change-Id: Ic117fa1f01ea507c970521f54b130a0f47301d89
2019-08-05Update documentation build to use saner version extractionSolomon Peachy2-2/+2
Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: I0c61d42dcac79b72c6b13d700732237a845f676e
2019-08-05Speech Feedback improvements on the QuickscreenSolomon Peachy2-7/+8
Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: I1bb94965cb18efaa0787d7780f6cf22814231144
2019-08-05Improved robustness in talk codeSolomon Peachy1-7/+18
Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: I5c0dcc693b647c7573379e33406a7b9d4b192725
2019-08-05Voice enable properties pluginSolomon Peachy2-35/+307
Patch by Igor Poretsky Updated by Solomon Peachy Change-Id: Ia2adf4a65723b08d6c438f836e3e811cba3dced0
2019-08-05Fix stack overflow issues in properties pluginSolomon Peachy1-31/+31
Patch by Igor Poretsky Updated by Solomon Peachy Change-Id: I6b90845712ff92ce7b08b41e5ec92eb33faeff50
2019-08-05Speech enabled main menu config pluginSolomon Peachy3-12/+222
Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: Idffba2b1f1d225fc9278dcfab6a728fca5afe81d
2019-08-05Synchronize english-us language filesSolomon Peachy1-51/+2608
Change-Id: I654e6fbd879ac7d709fc85a4758d71312eeb0cc5
2019-08-04Several minor voice string corrections.Solomon Peachy4-4/+4
Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: If8d0174e37254e9f1c24c4e0f7f29876e7f29906
2019-08-04sdl: fall back to minimum supported sample rate if 22 kHz is not supportedFranklin Wei1-0/+4
Fixes too-fast audio playback on devices that don't support 22 kHz. Change-Id: I78d4934bfd40f69c0d7bc9e8021df3f4edf0a9fb
2019-08-04Speech feedback in mpegplayer menusSolomon Peachy5-66/+556
Patch by Igor Poretsky Change-Id: Idc6920e17be6537557f2b1cf00f7e559e30b45e8
2019-08-04sdl: don't set alignment trap if < ARMv5Franklin Wei1-1/+1
This should fix crashes on ARM7TDMI as reported by foolsh. Change-Id: I9aaf6196837d284a67a9e2b0edc72ecd644fd59f
2019-08-04fix recording.c file split time in seconds not minutesWilliam Wilgus1-1/+1
FS#13173 Change-Id: Icae45bf21c3470e04e7d99355a09d016d204d574