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2020-10-11New port: AIGO EROS Q / EROS KSolomon Peachy86-1396/+2095
The Q and K have a slightly different case, but the hardware under the shell is completely identical. These models are rebadged versions: * Hifiwalker H2 (== Q) * AGPTek H3 (== K) * Surfans F20 (== K) Other notes: * Significant improvements in the shared Hiby-platform launcher/loader * SD card can theoretically be hot-swapped now * Support external USB mass storage! * Some consolidation of Hiby-platform targets * Some consolidation of plugin keymaps Todo/known issues: * Keymaps need to be gone over properly * Convert to HAVE_SCROLLWHEEL? Change-Id: I5a8a4f22c38a5b69392ca7c0a8ad8c4e07d9523c
2020-10-11rbutil: Use globalPos() for getting mouse position.Dominik Riebeling2-5/+4
globalX() / globalY() are deprecated for Qt6. Use globalPos() instead, which gives the same result. Change-Id: Ie0b733b88107e971de9c3e8c42434d7d47a65b76
2020-10-11nwztools: fix wrongly generate MD5 filesAmaury Pouly1-0/+1
When generating the MD5 using -z index,name the tool would add the entry but forgot to increase the file size, hence truncating the file. Change-Id: Ibd3c594722ab46350cda60d158666fe34a96e922
2020-10-11hosted: Add ROLO support for hosted targetsSolomon Peachy8-4/+132
Change-Id: I2d46a63ee8225a9d9d77dd80a06c418af78c260c
2020-10-11nwztools: re-implement MD5 on WindowsAmaury Pouly2-2/+27
I forgot to fixup the windows up and missed it because of conditional compilation Change-Id: I526c765b9d56508815941ecb9b9dbac7ea407cf0
2020-10-11nwztool: fix computationAmaury Pouly1-1/+1
It turns out the calculation gives the right result for the wrong reason, this fixes it. Change-Id: I36053c8993b5ae1e85380da59546ffade265fb3f
2020-10-11nwztools/upgtool: add support for MD5Amaury Pouly3-4/+159
When compressing, it is possible to tell the tool to add an entry to the MD5 file (index 1), it is still necessary to give an empty file for that index. To do so, pass the option "-z idx,name" insteas of "-z idx". This will create an entry of the form "size md5 name". For instance "-z 6,system.img". When decompressing, if one passes "-z idx,name" instead of "-z idx", the tool will decompress and check against the value in the MD5 file. Change-Id: Ifb945f6121644ae9105265d2d83ce6067301c5b2
2020-10-11nwztool/upgtools: add NW-A55 and DMP-Z1 KAS, reorganize listAmaury Pouly1-7/+8
Change-Id: I24bc6b15c954540cfa9b4f176ecbf817b1b641e7
2020-10-11nwztool/upgtool: add support for compressionAmaury Pouly4-31/+134
To decompress some output file(s), simply pass -z <idx> where idx is the index of the file to decompress, starting from 0. For example upgtool -e NW_WM_FW.UPG -o tmp/ -m nw-wm1a -z 6 -z 7 to decompress files 6 and 7. To compress file, use the same options: upgtool -c NW_WM_FW.UPG -m nw-wm1a -z 2 md5sum.txt system.img Change-Id: I1ef0b3e02c98e58154f1a959fb1ad70ad2ce6500
2020-10-11nwztools/upgtools: add support for windowsAmaury Pouly9-91/+240
In order to avoid the crypto++ mess, the code uses the Windows Cryptography API, which is standard. There is also some makefile magic to cross-compile: make PREFIX=i686-w64-mingw32- EXE_EXT=.exe I selected the option so that it should statically link supports libraries used by gcc (slsj and libwinpthread). Change-Id: Iaf07da23afe81ed217fb3921ce13367c5441514d
2020-10-11scsitools: typoAmaury Pouly1-1/+1
Change-Id: I0f4e5b6c5e88a1ae49102e6f6fc6f8c86cb63959
2020-10-11nwztools: add support for new UPG format on post-WM1/A30 devicesAmaury Pouly10-258/+446
The new code supports reading and writing UPG files. I kept the old keysig search code but it only supports the old format (the new format has too long keys anyway). Since we now have to support two types of encryption(DES and AES), I reorganized the crypto routines and clean-up some code. Change-Id: Ie9be220ec2431ec6d0bd11699fa0493b62e1cec2
2020-10-11scsitools: const correctness and add "get_dnk_nvp all" subcommand.Amaury Pouly2-19/+49
Change-Id: Ic5cb3dfa3be684f31a2c55a3cb7d45cfe8c65b25
2020-10-11nwztools: fix MW-WM1/A30 KAS, fix KAS lengthAmaury Pouly7-7/+104
Split WM1A/WM1Z because they don't have the same KAS. On newer devices, the KAS is actually 64 bytes, not 60. The strange thing is that "get_dnk_nvp kas" returns 60 bytes whereas "get_dnk_prop kas" returns 64, not sure why. Change-Id: I944d3d838209ba58388439af0cdf5d7c74f1f7fc
2020-10-11rbutil: Add project file for building multiple binaries.Dominik Riebeling4-26/+141
To use ipodpatcher and sansapatcher as external binaries (so we can do proper permission elevation) we need to build them using qmake as part of the main build. Add a subdirs template based project file to do that, and project files for the patchers. Move Linux appimage rules one level up, since it needs to include the patchers as well. Change-Id: I63ee59372668f4319402df65a77a6f04521d133b
2020-10-11rbutil: Fix encoding of turkish translation.Dominik Riebeling1-1196/+2275
The file encoding was messed up long ago. Since the translation wasn't updated since reimport the original patch (FS#8407). Change-Id: I93e12fbde4f63926d18df382c0254465b11750cd
2020-10-11hosted: Use O_CLOEXEC for all open() and "e" for fopen() callsSolomon Peachy14-31/+27
This way we'll automatically close the files upon exec() Change-Id: Ic0daca8fb56432830de4a2f4a86a77337121ecc7
2020-10-11SVG image of the xDuoo X3 and other formats for the manual.Szymon Dziok3-0/+1411
Change-Id: I1f6eecb43907b5fb845a48209349194e32cd6994
2020-10-09puzzles: improve frontend documentationFranklin Wei1-7/+195
What it says on the tin. Change-Id: Idf8f520e0c8c1fab98d292f4ad94e5231578f9ce
2020-10-09xduoox3ii/x20: headphones take precedence over line outSolomon Peachy1-3/+3
so if both are plugged in, assume headphones (and respect volume) Change-Id: Ia77ae6d484ac61f6a2b4cd51a991f59de239cfa6
2020-10-09m3k: Fix red bootloader buildSolomon Peachy1-4/+0
Change-Id: I3a6e9e6222e6219484c6903325c985bff8af39ef
2020-10-09Fix the FILTER_ROLL_OFF build; got a test inverted.Solomon Peachy1-3/+3
Change-Id: I8d4ade8b59022f5e8275bec96d98f806e7e09c37
2020-10-09New port: FiiO M3KSolomon Peachy84-20/+2188
Most credit goes to: Roman Skylarov Additional integration and refactoring by myself. *** COMPLETELY UNTESTED *** Change-Id: Ia64c36d92e0214c6b15f7a868df286f8113ea27b
2020-10-09codecs: Add support for the 'VTX' ZX Spectrum chiptunes format.Solomon Peachy29-41/+1642
This codec requires floating point. Original author: Peter Sovietov Ported to Rockbox: Roman Skylarov Further integration and bugfixes: Solomon Peachy Change-Id: I781ecd3592dfcdbbc694063334350342534f1d6c
2020-10-09plugins: Enable overlay features for all targetsSolomon Peachy1-2/+0
Change-Id: I8dfbdf903c1fb82541382709a50e411f1bcdaa5d
2020-10-09Fix red, hopefully.Solomon Peachy2-3/+3
Change-Id: I4ee6b9793260ac7dec9d72f27bfe242cd4adbf38
2020-10-09Clean up some of the plugin SOURCESSolomon Peachy1-17/+7
Change-Id: Ib68a275c85550acb52306c7af1c3b9ab683362f0
2020-10-09xduoox3ii/x20: Define a sane BUTTON_LEFT/RIGHT aliasSolomon Peachy1-2/+2
Change-Id: If11dfa50aeb8cb8b80de730c494d81a9e87880c4
2020-10-08Undo the hacks that allowed targets without LEFT/RIGHT (UP/DN) to build.Solomon Peachy8-18/+31
Replaced them with warnings until they are fixed *PROPERLY* Change-Id: I4425200e60f8b5224262a54f105b974cec471d22
2020-10-08Don't compile audio codecs into native bootloader builds.Solomon Peachy4-8/+16
Change-Id: I0b2cc143572bf88423bdf7647cee0af567aee684
2020-10-08get rid of ACTION_F3 (leftover from Archos days)Solomon Peachy6-30/+3
Change-Id: I8f602299bbc8caf6c8189361dbd41af31f19c1b3
2020-10-07more DEBUG build fixesMoshe Piekarski1-1/+1
Change-Id: I4ae2b79f53ce59c37ccc9ef06f5ebd145e988763
2020-10-06Fix DEBUG buildsMoshe Piekarski1-4/+0
Change-Id: Ie3b4caebf448444b7400541e44d11d40961781cb
2020-10-05FS13241: Get rid of the hacky hold switch emulation on the X3ii & X20Solomon Peachy6-48/+8
It doesn't work properly and interferes with the power button in the keymap. Rework WPS keymap a bit to make single-tap power emulate lock. Change-Id: I9d9b9b4adcea3764e6e427f484e051c9bab9d13b
2020-10-05agptekrocker: Rework WPS keymap a bit; replace direct pitchscreen access ↵Solomon Peachy1-8/+7
with browse Change-Id: If5cb1e1fae6ed74397cd7f56cd54c14224a4bab0
2020-10-05lua add better memory statsWilliam Wilgus3-3/+100
lua gives you a memory used number that only reflects the current allocations if fact it doesn't even give you a way to get the amount of ram free rb.mem_stats() seeks to fill this gap by marking the memory allocated for lua with a sentinel value which can later be checked to get a high water mark of the ram used by lua and a pretty good idea of how much ram is available Also includes an example script usage: used, allocd, free = rb.mem_stats() Change-Id: Ia282869f989848324d7d88c7df4827fdbce4fb4e
2020-10-04rbutil: Replace sysinfo filesystem cluster size with type.Dominik Riebeling4-14/+52
The cluster size isn't too useful. Show the filesystem type instead, since that makes it easier to identify a device not showing up because of its filesystem type. Change-Id: I8f58ea23ab90808ab0c37978b211a5470ed8bb8e
2020-10-04lua misc tweaks and cleanupWilliam Wilgus6-24/+25
checks button_status in rockev strpbrk_n custom implementation allows setting max search len in source string add some branch prediction where appropriate fix formatting in splash_scroller script Change-Id: Id5d8e9d83f4b3e361ccb67b403af8f9a8a31b8f0
2020-10-03hosted: control buttonlights along with the display backlight.Solomon Peachy1-0/+6
Change-Id: I03385db46e94ca1bb6a4e35c89f630145c9d40e5
2020-10-03alsa: Refactor pcm_dma_apply_settings_nolock()Solomon Peachy1-14/+7
Change-Id: I32190e6987afca99b24197ca7ae2853053062d30
2020-10-03lua Add scrollable stack traceback WIPWilliam Wilgus5-3/+141
lua currently splashes a stack traceback on error for deep tracebacks and especially on devices with smaller screens this leaves out a lot of vital information in the past I have resorted to splitting the traceback string or even saving the return to a file This patch provides a scrollable buffer with rudimentary text reflow to allow you to read the whole traceback string Upon traceback if you press nothing the screen will display for 5 seconds If you press OK or CANCEL it will quit immediately PREV/NEXT scrolls the list on button press timeout is disabled lua now provides rb.splash_scroller(timeout, str) example script provided too Change-Id: Idbc8ce0c514196f0fae48c43aeaea8b60d6da1a5
2020-10-03imx233: Enable 96/192K playback for all imx233 targets that have roomSolomon Peachy11-26/+35
Change-Id: Ief00cc9243af3168f0c088520936137b64f3b581
2020-10-03coldfire: Fix iAudio M5 buildSolomon Peachy1-2/+2
Change-Id: Iecbcfa16918be3abfaab0936a0dae9c9ed48933e
2020-10-03coldfire: Allow building when 88KHz audio is disabledSolomon Peachy2-3/+5
Change-Id: Ieeacf591ad4233428dca99c347043e61abae1d1f
2020-10-03Disable 88/96KHz from targets that lack the IRAM to hold the mix buffersSolomon Peachy8-42/+12
Change-Id: I67b15d4c517a74a23639f8659acbc89022c264b5
2020-10-03pcm: Dynamically-size the mixer buffer at higher audio bitrates.Solomon Peachy1-10/+29
Basically, existing sizes apply for <= 48KHz audio. Up to 96K, we double the mix buffer. up to 192K, we double it again. Will help reduce the interrupt load and overall latency, keeping it roughtly constant as a function of time, regardless of bitrate. (It is acutally a fixed-size buffer, statically-allocated to handle the worst-case bitrate the player supports. However, at runtime if we are using a lower bitrate we will only use a portion of it in order to keep latancies down) Change-Id: I61ca23180a86502732b0903fe9691c1a8c2aeaea
2020-10-03alsa: introduce AUDIOHW_MUTE_ON_PAUSE, and have rocker use it.Solomon Peachy3-8/+15
Change-Id: I1edbb8e71a9c73baaeecb01b66cbee6c3f7b5f8f
2020-10-03xduoo codec cleanupsSolomon Peachy1-6/+5
Change-Id: I6c3437bde2d9f781a02ffc6b3a83148b9a7af872
2020-10-03xduoox3ii/x20: Rework the mute control to actually function properly.Solomon Peachy1-12/+22
(By switching the output away from the audio jacks) Change-Id: Ib8511c9d45029bba038dc4d1d187174d56cb3043
2020-10-03alsa: Explicitly mute the output when we stop playing, and unmute after ↵Solomon Peachy1-1/+14
playback starts Allows us to avoid hearing the codec powering on and off. Change-Id: Idaaff437932009952ed248be97eedf54cb4cf28e