AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2010-07-13Remove forgotten lines and add a commit regarding app buildsThomas Martitz1-6/+2
2010-07-13Fix up buildzip.plThomas Martitz1-44/+169
2010-07-13genlang-features: simplify generationRafaël Carré1-2/+1
2010-07-12Tune compiler optimizations for libtta, gives a speedup of 1.1MHz on h300 and...Nils Wallménius1-1/+6
2010-07-12Coldfire assembler implementation of hybrid_filter for libtta. Speeds up deco...Nils Wallménius4-1/+172
2010-07-12Use more iram in the tta lib, speeds up decoding by 47MHz on h300 (mcf5249) a...Nils Wallménius3-16/+16
2010-07-12Complete the conversion of WMA Pro to fixed point. Floating point code is sti...Mohamed Tarek6-36/+243
2010-07-12improve displaying of string containing diacritic characters. add some charac...Teruaki Kawashima2-6/+54
2010-07-12text_editor: make functions and variables static. slightly reduce plugin size.Teruaki Kawashima1-20/+23
2010-07-12text_viewer: remove unneeded code.Teruaki Kawashima3-15/+2
2010-07-12Theme Editor: Made %pv tag display bar and select from conditional branches c...Robert Bieber4-4/+48
2010-07-12Theme Editor: Implemented some touch area click eventsRobert Bieber3-6/+65
2010-07-11strstr(): cosmeticsRafaël Carré1-17/+17
2010-07-11D2: Fix another timing loop that broke when we switched to the EABI compiler,...Rob Purchase1-2/+5
2010-07-11Clean up libfaad's sbr-qmf code. Move array to correct #ifdef-path, introduce...Andree Buschmann1-52/+44
2010-07-11strstr: replace GPLv2-only implementation from Linux by LGPLv2.1 from uclibcRafaël Carré1-22/+23
2010-07-11Fix the commentAlexander Levin1-1/+1
2010-07-11Minor correction to macros, beautification of loop.Andree Buschmann2-4/+4
2010-07-11skin engine: fix simulator buildsRafaël Carré1-2/+3
2010-07-11enable skin debug only in the simulatorRafaël Carré3-3/+3
2010-07-11pdbox: avoid making own DEBUG clash with rockbox defineRafaël Carré1-4/+4
2010-07-11lua: make DEBUG undefined by default, as doc statesRafaël Carré2-4/+4
2010-07-11fat.c: fix format specifier in DEBUG buildRafaël Carré1-3/+3
2010-07-11make language array initialized correctlly with builtin strings when loading ...Teruaki Kawashima1-1/+1
2010-07-11Further changes to aac-he decoding. Refactor and rearrange dct tabs to be abl...Andree Buschmann1-128/+94
2010-07-11do not redraw menu when exiting the menu.Teruaki Kawashima1-11/+5
2010-07-11Revert accidental change.Jens Arnold1-2/+0
2010-07-11EMACify HE-AAC QMF on coldfire: 5% speedup on MCF5249.Jens Arnold2-20/+54
2010-07-11Refacture parts of libfaad filterbank. Faster windowing for 8-short-window se...Andree Buschmann1-46/+80
2010-07-11Theme Editor: Added support for larger fontsRobert Bieber1-4/+18
2010-07-11Theme Editor: Fixed rendering behavior of default viewport. Now when other v...Robert Bieber2-1/+9
2010-07-10Generalize the application bundle copy workaround to simplify later reuse.Dominik Riebeling1-3/+9
2010-07-10Add missing quote, and use the right wordFrank Gevaerts1-1/+1
2010-07-10Fix red in app buildsThomas Martitz1-1/+1
2010-07-10Update the text in to make it clear that EABI should be used on...Michael Giacomelli1-2/+2
2010-07-10Revert accidental change (I ran configure from within the tools/database dire...Thomas Martitz1-65/+39
2010-07-10Rename/change SIMVER to APP_TYPE in the Makefiles.Thomas Martitz16-71/+99
2010-07-10tweak position of splash so that it is displayed inside the ui viewport.Teruaki Kawashima1-6/+3
2010-07-10keyboard: change how charactars are stored in the buffer.Teruaki Kawashima1-86/+82
2010-07-10Theme Editor: Added RBTouchArea class. Touch areas on a theme can now be dis...Robert Bieber5-2/+131
2010-07-10pdbox: Now backlight does not fade out -- making music requires attention.Wincent Balin1-0/+8
2010-07-10SDL: fix typoRafaël Carré1-1/+1
2010-07-10SDL enhancements:Rafaël Carré3-99/+127
2010-07-10Just another MHz saved on ARM for aac he decoding.Andree Buschmann1-2/+43
2010-07-09More work on libfaad's aac he decoder. Resort table to allow more efficient l...Andree Buschmann2-369/+179
2010-07-09FS#11466 and FS#11467 by Pierre-Yves RoosensRafaël Carré2-23/+24
2010-07-09Revert r27359Rafaël Carré1-1/+1
2010-07-09configure: build ipod4g with eabiRafaël Carré1-3/+0
2010-07-09Fix red. Remove a small array from IRAM that is not critical to performance.Andree Buschmann1-1/+1
2010-07-09Submit FS#11461. Major speedup for aac he profile (PP5002 +20%, PP5020 +15%, ...Andree Buschmann7-544/+202