AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2005-08-06typos fixed...Michiel Van Der Kolk1-2/+2
2005-08-06iAudio: First unfinished attempt for tlv320 driver and rockbox integrationChristian Gmeiner8-142/+441
2005-08-06Put back the line (accidentally?) removed on the last commit. That isMiika Pekkarinen1-0/+11
2005-08-05Fixed track changing in REPEAT_ONE mode and playlists with only one track. R...Ryan Jackson1-25/+8
2005-08-04Synced.Mats Lidell1-1/+73
2005-08-04don't assume ../firmware, use the passed in dir pathDaniel Stenberg1-1/+3
2005-08-04point to the wikiBjörn Stenberg1-3/+2
2005-08-03Increased maximum file size for models with LCD height larger than 64 toDaniel Stenberg2-10/+27
2005-08-02headphone volume should be correct nowChristian Gmeiner1-16/+16
2005-08-01Assembler optimised 64 bit multiplication for coldfire: ~15% speedup. Proper ...Jens Arnold1-2/+46
2005-08-01Fixed comma display of these fonts. Thanks to Antonius Hellmann for pointing ...Jens Arnold2-15/+6
2005-08-01Another small opt for the SH1 64 bit multiplication.Jens Arnold1-6/+6
2005-08-01Killed signed/unsigned inconsistencyJens Arnold1-2/+2
2005-08-01Further optimised asm 64 bit multiplication for SH1, speedup around 20%.Jens Arnold1-49/+41
2005-07-31fixed comment in generated header fileDaniel Stenberg1-1/+1
2005-07-31oops... fixes red buildChristian Gmeiner1-1/+1
2005-07-31iAudio, iRiver: As both platforms use the same i2c interface i have renamed i...Christian Gmeiner8-29/+32
2005-07-31iAudio: adding support for mcf5250Christian Gmeiner2-0/+65
2005-07-30Fixed a hang with backward skipping.Miika Pekkarinen1-3/+3
2005-07-30All repeat modes now work correctly if there is only one track in the playlis...Ryan Jackson2-2/+7
2005-07-30Now playlist ending and skipping to a next directory should work.Miika Pekkarinen1-2/+6
2005-07-30Fixed a problem that wps didn't exit at end of the playlist.Miika Pekkarinen1-2/+1
2005-07-30'Move to Next Folder' didn't work if it involved going up to the root of the ...Magnus Holmgren1-1/+8
2005-07-30Correctly setting the last_index to prevent playback stuttering.Miika Pekkarinen1-7/+9
2005-07-30Now removing right tracks from playlist.Miika Pekkarinen1-1/+1
2005-07-30Fixed a hang on track changed. Automatically deleting invalid trackMiika Pekkarinen1-24/+36
2005-07-30Make simulator version of FRACMUL correct. Also corrected related comments.Magnus Holmgren1-6/+5
2005-07-30Fixed MAC initialization problem with mpa codec and removed workaroundMiika Pekkarinen5-18/+10
2005-07-30Ooops, the adapted maximum iteration count was off by 60...Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2005-07-30Heavily improved mandelbrot plugin: (1) Calculation now uses 64bit fixed poin...Jens Arnold1-77/+252
2005-07-30typo, pointed out by Dave WiardDaniel Stenberg1-1/+1
2005-07-29iAudio: Preperations for audio codec driverChristian Gmeiner2-0/+119
2005-07-28And fix that red build too...Magnus Holmgren1-1/+1
2005-07-28Fixed a bug that prevented the last tag in a flac file from being read.Ryan Jackson1-8/+18
2005-07-28Added comments, Replay Gain, and resume/bookmarks for FLAC.Ryan Jackson8-181/+310
2005-07-28Mandelbrot plugin fixes: (1) Aspect handling was broken, it has to keep the x...Jens Arnold1-37/+37
2005-07-28bmp2rb: Prepared for future colour bitmap support. The tool reads all BMPs in...Jens Arnold1-33/+49
2005-07-28Grayscale lib: Moved the shift count doubling for unbuffered up/down scrollin...Jens Arnold1-4/+2
2005-07-28Tweaked IRAM usage in the Vorbis codec. Speeds up decoding by about 10% on a ...Magnus Holmgren5-9/+13
2005-07-28Adjusted grayscale demo plugin to H1x0: (1) Button assignment. (2) Variable s...Jens Arnold1-19/+44
2005-07-28Fixed scroll step settings >127 pixels not working (reported on irc). Changed...Jens Arnold5-23/+31
2005-07-27Adjusted JPEG viewer to H1x0: (1) Button assignments. (2) Workaround for the ...Jens Arnold1-24/+25
2005-07-27Adjusted mandelbrot plugin to H1x0: (1) Working button assignment. (2) Differ...Jens Arnold1-17/+14
2005-07-27Grayscale library: (1) Ported to iriver H1x0. Experiments have shown that the...Jens Arnold6-218/+620
2005-07-27Added support for ID3V2 ReplayGain tags (as written by Foobar). Generalized t...Magnus Holmgren7-96/+235
2005-07-26Moved implementation of user timer to the firmware layer, implemented it for ...Jens Arnold12-200/+335
2005-07-25Complete rework of the grayscale library: (1) Implemented the new rockbox gra...Jens Arnold37-3330/+2147
2005-07-25Added font_getstringsize to the plugin api, needed for the reworked grayscale...Jens Arnold2-1/+8
2005-07-25Speed up clipping; makes Vorbis decoding almost as fast as before the VorbisG...Magnus Holmgren1-2/+1
2005-07-25The peak meter on iRiver didn't look right to me and the code seemed to beDave Bryant1-73/+54