AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2002-05-07tick_start() now uses HZLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-1/+1
2002-05-07Killed a few bugs. Tested in target. Works fairly good.Linus Nielsen Feltzing1-10/+18
2002-05-07my little icons in front of the files/dirs to show what kind of entry itDaniel Stenberg1-2/+11
2002-05-07Create correct shortnamesBjörn Stenberg1-1/+9
2002-05-07Added open/close/read. read() only works on whole sectors right now.Björn Stenberg6-51/+230
2002-05-07Removed stray bad charBjörn Stenberg1-2/+2
2002-05-07roloBjörn Stenberg1-1/+1
2002-05-07Fixed makefilesBjörn Stenberg7-7/+7
2002-05-07NULL is not defined when this compiles on Linux, let's avoid that for nowDaniel Stenberg1-1/+1
2002-05-07adjusted to build on my solaris boxDaniel Stenberg3-32/+29
2002-05-07extended the wrapper layer, we can't depend on much in the "real" direntDaniel Stenberg2-9/+45
2002-05-07is_dir() is removed, we now read the 'attribute' field from the direntDaniel Stenberg1-12/+2
2002-05-07added x11_readdir() protoDaniel Stenberg1-0/+1
2002-05-07if DIRFUNCTIONS_DEFINED is defined, then don't do the function prototypesDaniel Stenberg1-0/+4
2002-05-07readdir() wrapper for proper dirent struct emulation in target codeDaniel Stenberg2-3/+32
2002-05-07load rockbox-mode in emacs!Daniel Stenberg1-0/+6
2002-05-07strtok_r() freshly implemented by yours trulyDaniel Stenberg1-0/+67
2002-05-06Minor commentingLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-4/+5
2002-05-06Added some prototypesLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-0/+2
2002-05-06Serial DMA worksLinus Nielsen Feltzing2-136/+129
2002-05-06small bugfixDave Chapman1-1/+1
2002-05-06first implementation of directory scrolling - partly by Stefan MeyerDave Chapman1-5/+43
2002-05-06fixed title string in x11 windowDave Chapman1-0/+1
2002-05-06fixed buffer overflow in setid3v1titleDave Chapman1-2/+2
2002-05-06Added note about strtok() not being thread safeBjörn Stenberg1-0/+1
2002-05-06Added atributesBjörn Stenberg1-0/+7
2002-05-06Fixed dir parsingBjörn Stenberg1-1/+2
2002-05-06compile as SIMULATORDaniel Stenberg1-1/+1
2002-05-06make debugf() do properly when SIMULATOR is defined, ignore the CRT_DISPLAYDaniel Stenberg1-5/+3
2002-05-06no more Logf(), only use debugf()Daniel Stenberg3-30/+2
2002-05-06compile debug.c from the firmware for logging errorsDaniel Stenberg1-1/+4
2002-05-06missing #define for VC++Stefan Meyer1-2/+2
2002-05-06- added Logf ( maybe it should be defined somewhere else)Stefan Meyer1-2/+13
2002-05-06add / del some filesStefan Meyer1-4/+31
2002-05-06Grammer correctionsRobert Hak1-3/+3
2002-05-06Capitalization corrections on menu structureRobert Hak2-2/+2
2002-05-06Added menu.cRobert Hak1-1/+4
2002-05-06Cleaned up for menu.c/h usageRobert Hak1-74/+17
2002-05-06Initial creation. This removes alot of the cursor and menuing overheadRobert Hak2-0/+189
2002-05-06first docs! ;-)Daniel Stenberg1-0/+102
2002-05-06no more unistd.hDaniel Stenberg1-1/+0
2002-05-06some basic docs for simulator hackingDaniel Stenberg1-0/+68
2002-05-06don't closedir(NULL)Daniel Stenberg1-2/+5
2002-05-06fixed a DIR * leakDaniel Stenberg1-2/+4
2002-05-06Added question about when the project expects its first releaseRobert Hak1-129/+150
2002-05-06Dave's addedDaniel Stenberg1-1/+2
2002-05-06Dave Chapman removed the annoying extra slashDaniel Stenberg1-2/+2
2002-05-06Dave Chapman's browse subdirs too patch appliedDaniel Stenberg1-9/+50
2002-05-05corrected a few errorsLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-10/+10
2002-05-05Failed attempt to use DMALinus Nielsen Feltzing3-19/+51