AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2009-06-01typo--Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2009-06-01c100: Get a regular build compiling. Very little functionality.Marc Guay8-108/+55
2009-06-01Sansa AMS : higher a bit the delay between acmd41 loops, needed for some micr...Rafaël Carré1-0/+1
2009-05-31A bit more work on playback controlling pictureflow:Thomas Martitz3-12/+32
2009-05-31Use I2C2_DACNT register (number of pending i2c bytes to read/write) to determ...Bertrik Sikken1-39/+27
2009-05-31Replace use of CONTEXT_CUSTOM by get_custom_action with new CONTEXT_PLUGIN, t...Andrew Mahone4-12/+16
2009-05-31Restructure/cleanup the album list buttom mapping, removing it entirely for s...Thomas Martitz1-23/+20
2009-05-31Old patch from FS#7832: Sprinkle 'volatile' in the various inline assembler s...Nils Wallménius1-6/+7
2009-05-31Fix typo. Not sure how it will affect targets with that CPU though...Magnus Holmgren1-1/+1
2009-05-31Attach the playback control menu to pictureflow's main menu.Thomas Martitz1-4/+8
2009-05-31Bump plugin api version.Thomas Martitz1-1/+1
2009-05-31Commit the first part of FS#10263: Starting playback from within pictureflow,...Thomas Martitz3-9/+74
2009-05-31playlist start can only have 1 return value (0), so make it return nothing.Thomas Martitz3-5/+3
2009-05-31Use bit-doubled mask everywhere in mono bitmap drawing. ~2% speedup, and smal...Jens Arnold1-21/+20
2009-05-31fix FS#10261 - the files context menu (as an example) would get skipped and t...Jonathan Gordon1-1/+1
2009-05-30Two tiny optimisations for mono bitmap drawing on greyscale displays: (1) H1x...Jens Arnold2-16/+17
2009-05-30Fix shutdown splash. It is meant to be shown on an empty screen.Jens Arnold1-0/+3
2009-05-30Rename struct root_menu and the global int root_menu to avoid clashes with #i...Thomas Martitz1-17/+17
2009-05-30MIPSel: remove unneeded gcc arguments in tools/configureMaurus Cuelenaere1-2/+2
2009-05-30Move enum table into tagtree.c as it's not used elsewhere and switch to upper...Thomas Martitz2-30/+35
2009-05-30Improved Vorbis comment reader. The tags no longer need to fit in the first O...Magnus Holmgren4-98/+286
2009-05-30Lame 3.98 changed the -V parameter from integer to floating point. Now we nee...Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2009-05-29Commit FS#10262 by Marko Pahlke: Fuze SVG for the manual (again with pdf and ...Marianne Arnold3-0/+1593
2009-05-29Commit FS#10260 by Marko Pahlke: Clip SVG for the manual (used to add a pdf a...Marianne Arnold4-0/+2598
2009-05-29AMSSansa: Add AS3525_DRAM_FREQ as a configurable frequency. Attempts to use...Jack Halpin1-12/+19
2009-05-29Remove an old safety making sure that people re-ran configure after the h120/...Frank Gevaerts1-4/+0
2009-05-29Make 'Backlight mod' an Advanced build option for the Ondios (largely inspire...Marianne Arnold3-6/+15
2009-05-29Don't recheck for track art when checking track art first.Andrew Mahone1-1/+1
2009-05-29Change the search_albumart_files "ignore track art" option to check track art...Andrew Mahone1-70/+86
2009-05-29AMSSansa: clock-target.h and debug-as3525 now use AS3525_FCLK_PREDIV corre...Jack Halpin2-8/+7
2009-05-29AMSSansa: Change comment to describe FCLK as input more accuratelyJack Halpin1-1/+1
2009-05-28Lua: make sure action.h gets C preprocessed before processing itMaurus Cuelenaere2-8/+2
2009-05-28mkamsboot : brackets at the start of functions must be on their line - thanks...Rafaël Carré1-16/+26
2009-05-28AMSSansa: Display AMBA Bus mode and mmu, icache, & dcache status on View HW i...Jack Halpin1-2/+7
2009-05-28Describe the magic of search_albumart_files (still not complete)Alexander Levin1-5/+9
2009-05-28FS#10253 : mkamsboot v1.0mkamsboot_1.0Rafaël Carré14-689/+1058
2009-05-28pdbox: new patch from wincent balin. make m_memory.c work in rockbox.Dominik Wenger2-2/+5
2009-05-28Add Clipv2 to the configure script and tools/scramble to reserve a target idRafaël Carré2-18/+42
2009-05-28FS#10256 by Frank Oosterhuis : use HOME button to quit pluginsRafaël Carré2-6/+5
2009-05-28scramble : add c2v2 (c200v2) in help messageRafaël Carré1-1/+1
2009-05-28Use core splash for PictureFlow's error_wait, exit error display 2s after any...Andrew Mahone1-8/+3
2009-05-28Display error message on screen until user presses SELECT before exiting Pict...Andrew Mahone1-8/+22
2009-05-28Suggested by Thomas Martitz, don't check for track-specific files when search...Andrew Mahone2-8/+12
2009-05-28Suggested by Thomas Martitz, use tagcache_fill_tags to speed up PictureFlow a...Andrew Mahone3-4/+20
2009-05-28Remove use of uniqbuf in PictureFlow, preventing crash on 64-bit sim and free...Andrew Mahone1-8/+3
2009-05-27Add myself to docs/COMMITTERS and move on to the next chapter of Advanced SVN...Jack Halpin1-0/+1
2009-05-27Fix yellow & redMaurus Cuelenaere2-1/+9
2009-05-27Lua: add support for os libraryMaurus Cuelenaere7-3/+398
2009-05-27Set up the c100 for dual-booting.Marc Guay2-2/+6
2009-05-27Commit next part of FS# 10138 by Teruaki Kawashima. Check for PLAY_MODE befo...Michael Giacomelli1-2/+2