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2013-01-15zenxfi2: update sim imageAmaury Pouly1-0/+0
Change-Id: Ia8a3f9a345d99c85f04d72555b8ca0d8c540b5be
2013-01-15zenxfi2: add simulator defines and imageAmaury Pouly3-0/+9
Change-Id: I87498ed09a952586cb84a44bc391b5a0aa149c2e
2013-01-15Fix possible readlink() buffer overflowThomas Jarosch1-1/+1
readlink() might return the full size of the target buffer and we write a '\0' to the returned length offset. cppecheck reported: [rockbox/apps/tagcache.c:4335]: (warning, inconclusive) readlink() might return the full size of 'target'. Lower the supplied size by one. (the check was actually written by me) Change-Id: Ibb42f732aa42c38bb6cb92cdccd3e6a0d3aa9b9f
2013-01-15stfm1000: comment static unused functionAmaury Pouly1-0/+2
Change-Id: Ie918a07c72bf9086508731faf658d57a286d922a
2013-01-15imxtools/scsitools: add support for more commandsAmaury Pouly3-8/+459
Change-Id: Iddff64502ba357dcd36903d31015b9ae2d00ae62
2013-01-15mkximxboot: add version string and add zenxfi3 fileAmaury Pouly1-7/+15
Add a version string with each md5sum, fix the version of an entry, add a new zenxfi3 file entry. Change-Id: I9fba76ee6032bbe31acd791b8d5e104b87992653
2013-01-15imx233: fix sd windowed driveAmaury Pouly1-1/+3
The SD driver doesn't initialised drives at the beginning but upon request to handle removable drives. Since means that the init should call init_drive() and not init_sd_card() otherwise the check for WINDOW flag is bypasses. This breaks the zenxfi3 bootloader and has been overlooked for some time. Change-Id: I7325f7164d16d7e7e54eeb4645e98517a08e0836
2013-01-15zenxfi3: remove obsolete commentAmaury Pouly1-2/+0
Change-Id: I9597461c2d48b7b7558c60efd309e5b34c661cbe
2013-01-15album art display: Fix RTL handling for the album art skin tagJonathan Gordon1-5/+5
AA was broken when an RTL language is used, causing it to not be displayed. Also fix th out of bounds handling when width/height > viewport Change-Id: I4899cd32ec58107c987e3cc0e8df582963bdcf62
2013-01-13Remove 64bit warning by using C99 fixed width format specifier.Dominik Riebeling1-1/+3
Change-Id: I7fecca91acb61461f6696e0bf28bdd6c1bdf6f3c
2013-01-13Remove Rockbox Utility Offline Mode.Dominik Riebeling8-32/+2
Offline Mode was intended to allow performing an installation without network access. However, to get the required files cached the same installation has to be performed with network access, which is a rather strange prerequisite. A better way would be a way to direct Rockbox Utility to some local "repository" that holds the required files. Furthermore, Offline Mode hasn't been tested since long and is likely to be broken since the caching mechanism has been extended. For now remove this functionality. As far as I know it's been rarely used (if at all) anyway. Change-Id: Ib2af4892708e0440bd0a7940c131f04182ddb39a
2013-01-13Remove HttpGet::error() function.Dominik Riebeling4-14/+4
This function returns an internal enum value of QHttp (which is also deprecated). It was only used for showing an error to the user / showing it in the system trace. Since it is an enum value it doesn't have much value. Log / show the error string instead. Change-Id: I54b9b6026969f8108f779b02a04477f0ad9201ab
2013-01-13imx233: rework frequency scalingAmaury Pouly1-69/+71
Move to a table based approach (scales better) and distinguish between upward changes (increase frequency) and downward changes (decrease frequency). This provides a better ordering of operations and in particular it allows to avoid changing the regulator while running at low speed since it takes a long time ! This should result in a much smoother scaling. Change-Id: Iad7e5b61277e215f31c07877fbbad07ddde1171f
2013-01-12rk27xx: slightly optimize commit_discard_dcache_range()Marcin Bukat1-6/+5
Change-Id: I13ce643d4ba26db5de9ffa083070d7f40b0e7b1f
2013-01-12imx233: correctly send the LCD_EVENT_ACTIVATION on enableAmaury Pouly3-0/+5
For some reason it is the responsability of the driver to send this event so do it. This might fix some non-updating screens. Change-Id: Ib5fdc94bf266c3497a8ac4e89d0418c0e876ff9f
2013-01-12fuze+: lcd code cleanupAmaury Pouly1-3/+1
The lcd kind is always set to st7783 in case we can't read the ID so don't bother handling impossible cases Change-Id: I352fd43b26068b460e69190d37c4cd4627e1db9a
2013-01-12fuze+: correctly handle settings (flip and invert) accross enableAmaury Pouly1-2/+34
The flip and invert settings can potentially be reset to their value accross a disable/enable cycle, so save the value of the impacted registers and apply it after each enable. Also avoid poking registers when the lcd is not on. Change-Id: Ica98f166c060aade7eb205f5628b58aae692024f
2013-01-12imx233: enable underflow recovery in lcdif (needed for freq scale)Amaury Pouly5-0/+13
When chaging the cpu and memory frequency we need to disable the external memory interface (EMI) for a small time. This can underflow the dma and cause some breakage. Hopefully the SSP controller handles this gracefully by stopping the clock and the I2C probably handles this naturally because the clock can be streched anyway. However the LCDIF has a special setting for this which needs to be enable, otherwise it will send garbage to the LCD. No other block is known to suffer from this currently but this issue might have more unexpected consequences. Change-Id: Ide154cad87929f2bf6cc419ac1d2ff33e30eec66
2013-01-11rk27xx: optimize irq_handler()Marcin Bukat1-18/+13
Change-Id: Idd3141e57b70e9b28b91748bc71208d9afffcd57 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Marcin Bukat <> Tested-by: Marcin Bukat <>
2013-01-10rk27xx: substitute magic constants with meaningful names for INTCMarcin Bukat6-12/+49
Change-Id: Ic93114db351a9940a53d0c1df6439d82ada044e1
2013-01-10rk27xx: substitute magic constants with meaningful names for peripherials resetMarcin Bukat2-2/+17
Change-Id: Ia411c9be65376d1c3fdf59b7e692b0590d58775e
2013-01-10rk27xx: substitute magic constants with meaningful names for clock gatingMarcin Bukat9-35/+66
Change-Id: I6c66c7496db3db78e5c959414464826134dbe200
2013-01-10imx233: modify arm cache timings on frequency switchAmaury Pouly1-0/+12
The manual recommands to tweak the arm cache settings on frequency changes. The meaning of these values is undocumented but 0 seems to be a safe value for all frequencies whereas 3 seems to be valid only for low frequencies (<=64MHz ?) Change-Id: Iaa8db4af8191010789cf986b1139ff259d73e2ed
2013-01-10imx233: implement emi frequency scaling (disabled by default)Amaury Pouly6-9/+490
CPU frequency scaling is basically useless without scaling the memory frequency. On the i.MX233, the EMI (external memory interface) and DRAM blocks are responsable for the DDR settings. This commits implements emi frequency scaling. Only some settings are implemented and the timings values only apply to mDDR (extracted from Sigmatel linux port) and have been checked to work on the Fuze+ and Zen X-Fi2/3. This feature is still disabled by default but I expected some battery life savings by boosting higher to 454MHz and unboosting lower to 64MHz. Note that changing the emi frequency is particularly tricky and to avoid writing it entirely in assembly we rely on the compiler to not use the stack except in the prolog and epilog (because it's in dram which is disabled when doing the change) and to put constant pools in iram which should always be true if the compiler isn't completely dumb and since the code itself is put in iram. If this proves to be insufficient, one can always switch the stack to the irq stack since interrupts are disabled during the change. Change-Id: If6ef5357f7ff091130ca1063e48536c6028f23ba
2013-01-10imxtools/nwztools: fix compilation for windowsAmaury Pouly3-0/+20
There is a windows port of the sg_utils library for scsi pass- through. This little changes make it compile under mingw. A better fix would be to implement direct ioctl on both windows and linux but that's already better than nothing Change-Id: I0d77cd1bad69806a66f0590362f165f24fa240e9
2013-01-09iPod Classic/6G: PCM support for all CS42L55 ratesCástor Muñoz2-6/+14
pcm_dma_apply_settings(): sets the configured PCM frequency, all native CS42L55 sample rates are available. Change-Id: I2fcd5581457a669c3044516804cb64fb972218d0
2013-01-09iPod Classic/6G: support USB suspend modeCástor Muñoz1-2/+11
Actually Rockbox does not use this mode, it is supported by other iPods, so implemented on Classic as well. Change-Id: Ia6578506df27a95a7f7522b3034b764631a8bb3a
2013-01-09iPod Classic/6G: fix battery voltage ADC scaleCástor Muñoz2-5/+5
Scale battery voltage ADC readings by 1023 instead of 1000, using ADC1 (substractor) instead of ADC0 (multiplicator) to get better resolution. Percent charge/discharge tables are also modified to return a similar value than the old ones. Change-Id: I2951c75faa02f4302599ec24f9156cfd209c36eb
2013-01-09android: Update to SDK r16 and ndk r8d.Thomas Martitz5-457/+10
SDK r17 is out, however there it only ships a x86 system image for r16 so it's preferable. Change-Id: Idc4d375debf407a36c2dc6421420bdbd74ab25ca
2013-01-03Tidy up the sim x5 image by Martin SägmüllerAlex Parker1-0/+0
Change-Id: I70394e9b81964605d5af32df6dd87a8ca29c78e7
2013-01-04Bump the plugin api version. This should have been in 212e7808.Frank Gevaerts1-2/+2
Change-Id: I4525d62782af1ad1c0e5e92605421063b8c9b72b
2013-01-03radio screen: Disable displaying radio art, FS#12797Jonathan Gordon1-1/+1
With radioart enabled there appears to be buffer corruption when the image is loaded causing the player to data abort in skin_render_line() So, disable the code untill someone can fix it. Change-Id: I6acf3f76ce38aa2784b1b24ed6da29a9c5bee479
2013-01-02Use crc32 of filename to resume tracksRichard Quirk13-27/+74
As well as using an index, which breaks when a file is added or removed, use the crc32 of the filename. When the crc32 check passes the index is used directly. When it fails, the slow path is taken checking each file name in the playlist until the right crc is found. If that fails the playlist is started from the beginning. See Bump plugin API and nvram version numbers Change-Id: I156f61a9f1ac428b4a682bc680379cb6b60b1b10 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jonathan Gordon <> Reviewed-by: Jonathan Gordon <>
2013-01-02Fixes a typo in rockbox.desktopHayden Pearce1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ibae1b391205e5372a506dc8f3820a53f7012252c Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Jonathan Gordon <>
2013-01-01Provide dealloc function to sansapatcher.Dominik Riebeling6-4/+27
Similar as done with ipodpatcher provide a function to free the allocated sector buffer. Change-Id: Ie51e82f7191496bb48973148af1cc35cd37993d3
2013-01-01Fix cross compiling sansapatcher.Dominik Riebeling1-1/+1
windres also needs the cross compiler prefix. Change-Id: Ia27ac8b9f3b47962764eff6b960e1105544b0b89
2013-01-01Provide dealloc function to ipodpatcher.Dominik Riebeling6-4/+27
On Windows the sector buffer is allocated using VirtualAlloc, thus releasing this buffer should be done using VirtualFree. Provide an additional function for deallocating the buffer so users of ipodpatcher do not need to know about this. Change-Id: Ibb0fc575a185148a389e63935e86a392bf8d180d
2013-01-01Fix version handling for patchers.Dominik Riebeling1-1/+1
The working directory will usually be different than the one libtools.make is located in, so make sure to use the correct starting folder for the relative path. Change-Id: I9a84a0573c9f1f32601f31587425689dcf8fb81f
2013-01-01sansapatcher: move sectorbuf pointer into sansa_t structure.Dominik Riebeling9-97/+77
Similar as the ipod_t structure for ipodpatcher the sansa_t structure holds all relevant information for sansapatcher. Put the global sansa_sectorbuf pointer into it as well. Change-Id: Iad08ef6aafc49609c3d0d556914246f230ee0179
2013-01-01ipodpatcher: move sectorbuf pointer into ipod_t structure.Dominik Riebeling9-161/+210
The ipod_t structure holds all relevant information for ipodpatcher. Put the global ipod_sectorbuf pointer into it as well. Allows the Rockbox Utility Ipod class to be instanciated multiple times since each instance can now have its own buffer. Change-Id: Ie319cbadbc20c367ceadba9a46b4dc34b57a79a7
2012-12-29iPod6G (Classic) - enable HAVE_DISK_STORAGEHayden Pearce1-0/+4
Fixes missing Settings - General Settings - System - Disk - Spindown setting. Change-Id: Iae686598dfd7ad4ca1faf8db9f1271e7808de752 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Michael Giacomelli <> Tested-by: Michael Giacomelli <>
2012-12-29imx233: increase irq storm thresholdAmaury Pouly1-1/+1
On heavy storage operations (like database update), the ssp dma irq can be fired around ~10000/sec. Change-Id: I0e33df6258e051abd4fe110a0f408a19671cd8ad
2012-12-29imx233: correctly restore auto slow on cpu frequency changeAmaury Pouly1-1/+2
Change-Id: I3ba495488e20fdd19d391f84ff484c1ce305d11b
2012-12-29imx233: move power init to system initAmaury Pouly3-5/+18
Do low level power init in system_init(). This can be needed since imx233 must be able to frequecy scale atfer system_init() and kernel_init() and this is only possible if power system was initialised. Change-Id: I27c66ec0dccd60bda26a45be24683c0bfe72c6da
2012-12-29Fix copyright headersAmaury Pouly13-43/+10
Change-Id: Ie65920b1192e9b737fcc2554d280fbcedfa39800
2012-12-29hm60x/hm801: Add hold button support.Andrew Ryabinin4-1/+55
Change-Id: I05557ecfbf0bd821d8966862a38f7f22656b36ef
2012-12-28Fix FS#12794 - new EQ code does not compile for the Nokia N8x0Michael Sevakis1-11/+11
The old GCC version currently required (sbox-arm-linux-gcc 3.4.4 release) apparently has trouble with function pointers used as static array initializers when using indexed initializers + ranges (ie. [A ... B] = fn). Change-Id: I494c2b607e4d93a9893264749d0ac257fb54ce3b
2012-12-26imx233: use tick insteaf of msec to collect statisticsAmaury Pouly3-18/+18
The current code uses the msec irq to collect statistics and detect irq storms (debug). But this irq is triggered 1000 times per sec and we don't need that accuracy. This commit removes the msec irq and use the tick timer instead which is triggered only 100 times per second. Change-Id: If14b9503c89a3af370ef322678f10e35fafb4b8a
2012-12-26Prepare new, unofficial maemo releaseThomas Jarosch4-3/+9
Change-Id: I6fccaeb131f31938d6f2cc0c0d1ffc62821bd3b6
2012-12-26Maemo port: Exclude plugins requiring a keymap from packagingThomas Jarosch1-0/+6
Change-Id: Ia713621a97737966c1fead66965cd33cb711c8bf