AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2007-05-26FS#7158 - Bookmark selection as a list.Magnus Holmgren14-382/+449
2007-05-26Adapt Pacbox for the Sansa's LCD - it was using the ipod Nano display routine...Dave Chapman2-6/+28
2007-05-25Bring buttons back to the e200 bootloader?Michael Sevakis1-13/+24
2007-05-24Oops, remove accidentally left in, commented out codeNils Wallménius1-2/+1
2007-05-24Remove unused struct membersNils Wallménius1-2/+0
2007-05-24verify that a few required tools are present to prevent "odd" messages laterDaniel Stenberg1-0/+13
2007-05-24remove leftover debug outputDaniel Stenberg1-1/+0
2007-05-24Remove dead code.Nils Wallménius3-78/+11
2007-05-24Probably one of the most useless commits ever: change "CVS" to "SVN".Nicolas Pennequin1-1/+1
2007-05-23Fix typo.Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2007-05-23Fix compilation on the H10 - it doesn't have BUTTON_SELECT.Dave Chapman1-1/+9
2007-05-23Rockbox now supports all ipod video variations, including the 80GBDave Chapman1-9/+0
2007-05-23Bump version number for 1.0 release (v1.1 bootloaders)Dave Chapman1-1/+1
2007-05-23Allow ColdFire targets to be buildt with GCC >= 4.1.0. Magnus Holmgren1-1/+1
2007-05-23ATA driver: * Support for drives with large physical sectors and no support f...Jens Arnold3-9/+235
2007-05-23Clarify the need to hold MENU+SELECT to reboot an ipodDave Chapman1-2/+2
2007-05-22Extended test_disk plugin: * Measure directory manipulation speed (file creat...Jens Arnold1-101/+224
2007-05-22the DAC drivers need to include audiohw.h nowMarcoen Hirschberg8-8/+8
2007-05-22make audiohw.h include the DAC header filesMarcoen Hirschberg10-35/+19
2007-05-22Remove the check for ipod-specific magic in the MBR (which caused problems wh...Dave Chapman2-7/+11
2007-05-22Ooops (about 3 months too late) - when an error is found by the bootloader, c...Dave Chapman1-0/+1
2007-05-22e200: Remute the line in with #if 0 as it causes static noise for those witho...Michael Sevakis1-0/+2
2007-05-22red freeChristian Gmeiner1-0/+3
2007-05-22fix red ipod mini'sChristian Gmeiner1-0/+3
2007-05-22* move audio settings into audio codec driversChristian Gmeiner22-133/+336
2007-05-22e200: Use 16-16 L-R pairs when writing to the TX FIFO. Kill the channel swapp...Michael Sevakis3-17/+68
2007-05-22Fix prototypes and warning in ARM version of libspeex filter.hDan Everton1-2/+1
2007-05-22Upgrade to libspeex 1.2beta2. Very minor performance increase (0.6% on coldfi...Dan Everton36-302/+626
2007-05-22Hopefully take care of the scrollwheel difficulties in plugins on e200.Michael Sevakis9-32/+118
2007-05-21Temporarily disable the creation of a map file when the sim is built sinceDaniel Stenberg1-1/+1
2007-05-21Accept FS#5098 by Dominik Riebeling: RWPS for the zezayer theme.Nicolas Pennequin2-1/+16
2007-05-21Accept FS#7199 - korean lang updateJonathan Gordon1-396/+1174
2007-05-21Oops, next file info should be dynamic.Nicolas Pennequin1-1/+1
2007-05-21Add %fk and %Fk WPS tags : (next) file audio frequency in KHz (rewrite of FS#...Nicolas Pennequin4-1/+19
2007-05-21Allow the day of month (%cm) and day of week (%cu and %cw) RTC tags to be use...Nicolas Pennequin1-0/+6
2007-05-20exclude unused headersChristian Gmeiner5-50/+4
2007-05-20Fix some warnings regarding AUDIO_NUM_SOURCES being 0 which is the intent wit...Michael Sevakis1-1/+5
2007-05-20wavrecord needs its own source count. Source defines also collided with some ...Michael Sevakis1-16/+21
2007-05-20Fix the wavrecord errorsMichael Sevakis1-25/+18
2007-05-20Oops. That shouldn't have snuck in there.Michael Sevakis1-10/+0
2007-05-20Use bitmasks to define which inputs are available. Makes it easier to remove ...Michael Sevakis28-126/+282
2007-05-20Increase sansa volume range at the lower end. This seems to be necessary Antonius Hellmann3-15/+29
2007-05-20Update the francais language, plus some minor changes.Mustapha Senhaji1-44/+206
2007-05-20Fix FS#7176 - wps context menu doesnt set the correct selection.Jonathan Gordon1-0/+9
2007-05-20fix the gigabeat remote button not working when backlight is off and filter f...Jonathan Gordon1-1/+5
2007-05-20FS#6652 fix attempt. Make the phrase id counting take the dest pattern intoDaniel Stenberg1-14/+42
2007-05-20add separate button defines for the Gigabeat remote controlMarcoen Hirschberg3-11/+73
2007-05-20Add splash messages while copying, moving, and deleting files. Also boost the...Dan Everton2-0/+57
2007-05-20Fix the 'describe player for blind users' fixme - add description of the Arch...Marianne Arnold1-4/+45
2007-05-20Update some comments in menu.h to be hopefully more helpful.Jonathan Gordon11-26/+34