AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2008-09-03remove obviously obsolete TODO commentFrank Gevaerts1-1/+1
2008-09-03C200: Also flip the function of the volume buttons when display flip is enabl...Marianne Arnold2-0/+10
2008-09-03WPS editor:Maurus Cuelenaere2-14/+13
2008-09-03 * WPS editor: set eol-styleMaurus Cuelenaere9-82/+1378
2008-09-03Fix width of the '1' to be the same as the width of the other digits. Fixes t...Jens Arnold1-3/+3
2008-09-03WpsEditor: commit FS#9344 by Rostislav Chekan - multitarget support (only col...Dominik Wenger26-186/+360
2008-09-03Fix default font names in the settings code (FS #9358 by Thomas Schott).Jens Arnold1-5/+5
2008-09-03... but still be compatible with OF..Maurus Cuelenaere2-1/+6
2008-09-03 * Clean up Jz4740 USB tool a bitMaurus Cuelenaere5-31/+61
2008-09-03Better readable small alpha.Jens Arnold1-17/+17
2008-09-02Fix keywords and executable flags.Jens Arnold17-2/+2
2008-09-02Add some more sizes of Helvetica, plus bold variants.Jens Arnold13-0/+210653
2008-09-02Font cleanup step 3 - The Big Shuffle: Renamed all fonts to a consistent nami...Jens Arnold63-56/+185
2008-09-02Turn off automatically after a number of backlight toggles.Frank Gevaerts1-2/+12
2008-09-02set PWRON bit to 1 so the player doesn't turn off immediately (should work on...Frank Gevaerts1-0/+12
2008-09-02Font cleaup step 2: * Removed 00-Starmap_r400-8 - Bad unicode coverage, prete...Jens Arnold30-39482/+1324
2008-09-02commit FS#9355 by Alexander Spyridakis. Greek translation for rbutil.Dominik Wenger3-0/+2702
2008-09-02Fix FS#9352 - allow .talk clips for single-character filenames.Steve Bavin1-4/+1
2008-09-02enable full init code, as it seems to workFrank Gevaerts1-3/+1
2008-09-02Font cleanup step 1: * alt8x8 - completely broken encoding. * atari-small - A...Jens Arnold15-93111/+780
2008-09-01Fix compiling of Jz4740 usbtoolMaurus Cuelenaere1-2/+2
2008-09-01rename ARCH define because of conflict with some systems. see (FS#9321)Dominik Wenger1-16/+16
2008-09-01revert -fPIC change, as it seems to be gentoo related problem...Christian Gmeiner1-1/+1
2008-09-01cleanups by William Poetra Yoga HadisoesenoFrank Gevaerts1-12/+4
2008-09-01add -fPIC to GCCOPTS for simgcc to prevent warnings like: warning: creating a...Christian Gmeiner1-1/+1
2008-08-31code cleanupFrank Gevaerts1-76/+79
2008-08-31r16149 renamed the variable ARCHOS to MODELNAME. Do it for the manual too (us...Dominik Riebeling1-1/+1
2008-08-31fix meizu_dfu's buggy usb device id matchingFrank Gevaerts1-1/+3
2008-08-31Updated Bulgarian translation by Hristo Kovachev. Add Florin Popescu as trans...Jonas Häggqvist2-131/+494
2008-08-31Language updates:Jonas Häggqvist4-4566/+4989
2008-08-31revert r18327, as it introduces serious issues on non-sd players (like ipods)Frank Gevaerts1-14/+6
2008-08-31Let qmake check the Qt version and error out if its too old. Useful if you ha...Dominik Riebeling1-0/+8
2008-08-31Replaced TAB characters by spaces in sansapatcherBertrik Sikken3-33/+33
2008-08-31Fix missing sansa_close when scanning for sansas in sansapatcher.cBertrik Sikken1-1/+1
2008-08-30Add setting the User-Agent for http requests to HttpGet class. Make rbutil se...Dominik Riebeling4-12/+29
2008-08-30French language update by Clément Pit-Claudel, FS#9323Frank Gevaerts1-57/+57
2008-08-30Apply FS#9337 - Header file in SRC in rbutil/ipodpatcher. The parttypes.h hea...Bertrik Sikken1-1/+1
2008-08-29Fixed a possible index id destruction and temporary problems with the DB when...Miika Pekkarinen2-10/+23
2008-08-29Add wpseditor, the Google Summer of Code 2008 project of Rostislav Chekan. Cl...Frank Gevaerts57-33/+3711
2008-08-29set properties...Frank Gevaerts0-0/+0
2008-08-29add Meizu M3, M6 TP, M6 SP and M6 SL dfu firmware recovery toolFrank Gevaerts3-0/+414
2008-08-28mkzenboot:Maurus Cuelenaere2-11/+96
2008-08-28Get checkwps compiling again: Move the definitions of BOM and BOM_SIZE to mis...Dave Chapman2-4/+5
2008-08-28Make usb_storage work on all targets againFrank Gevaerts1-0/+3
2008-08-28as pointed out by funman in #rockbox, doing assumptions on the size of longDaniel Stenberg1-1/+2
2008-08-27MTP:Maurus Cuelenaere6-102/+185
2008-08-27Updated italian translation.Alessio Lenzi1-0/+3
2008-08-27Fix TABingMaurus Cuelenaere1-9/+9
2008-08-27 * Commit dual-boot support for Creative ZVx familyMaurus Cuelenaere9-5/+1414
2008-08-26Don't include a database.ignore file in a font-only package.Jens Arnold1-4/+4