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2021-03-02Remove execute bit from file permissions from recent commitWilliam Wilgus1-0/+0
2020-12-25Fix deadlocks when trying to buffer large album art.Michael Giacomelli1-0/+7
2017-12-19Buffering: Missed converting one case assuming const handle size.Michael Sevakis1-1/+1
2017-12-17Buffering: Get rid of disabled code I have no intention of usingMichael Sevakis1-27/+1
2017-12-17Get rid of useless playlist probing and fix up some data types.Michael Sevakis1-17/+25
2017-12-10Buffering: Remove statically-sized path buffer from handle structMichael Sevakis1-18/+27
2017-12-09buffering.c: Fix oopses with caching handle pointerMichael Sevakis1-8/+9
2017-12-09Remove recursion from shrink_buffer()Michael Sevakis1-11/+9
2017-12-09Playback: Move internal track list onto bufferMichael Sevakis1-0/+6
2017-05-08Buffering: Switch to a more general handle caching typeMichael Sevakis1-148/+113
2017-04-08Fix some problems with playback crashingMichael Sevakis1-35/+85
2016-04-04Cleanup unused functionMihail Zenkov1-7/+0
2014-08-30Remove I/O priority. It is harmful when used with the new file code.Michael Sevakis1-9/+0
2014-04-03buffering.c: Patch up some straggling strlcpy warningsMichael Sevakis1-0/+1
2014-04-02Apparently some builds still need string.h in buffering.cMichael Sevakis1-0/+1
2014-04-03Buffering: Remove buf_ridx and buf_widx; these data are verbose.Michael Sevakis1-474/+456
2013-06-29SWCODEC Audio: Add some INIT_ATTR's to get a few bytes back.Michael Sevakis1-1/+1
2013-06-29Fix whitespaceMichael Sevakis1-6/+6
2012-05-21Fix some lockup caused by handles not being initialized to < 0...Michael Sevakis1-5/+15
2011-05-09Provide a reasonable fix for FS#12093 - Playback hanging after codec/playback...Michael Sevakis1-15/+12
2011-04-27Commit FS#12069 - Playback rework - first stages. Gives as thorough as possib...Michael Sevakis1-84/+204
2011-03-21Buffering should truncate if read() returns 0 since it's not a valid return t...Michael Sevakis1-1/+1
2011-03-16Purge buffer and codec APIs existing exclusively in support of mpa.codec and ...Michael Sevakis1-11/+0
2011-03-13Use ringbuf_add in buffering when incrementing for initial allocation of non-...Michael Sevakis1-7/+6
2011-03-02Do the ridx > widx check where it should be done. A small rebuffering request...Michael Sevakis1-9/+13
2011-03-02buffering: Unusual cases when a handle ridx is briefly seeked ahead of widx n...Michael Sevakis1-14/+19
2011-02-14All kernel objects in code shared amongs targets (core, plugins, codecs) shou...Michael Sevakis1-2/+2
2011-02-14Code police buffering.c a little - use already predominant style - shorted li...Michael Sevakis1-94/+61
2011-02-14Buffering: tin cup. Update threading structure and handle rebuffer more relia...Michael Sevakis1-264/+319
2011-02-14Leave a gap between all handles because ringbuf_add_cross interprets equal po...Michael Sevakis1-14/+26
2011-02-13Needed to do a few more things to have r29291 correct.Michael Sevakis1-7/+7
2011-02-13Change add_handle to never have side effects on the buffer if it fails. It ac...Michael Sevakis1-6/+5
2011-02-12Oops. Put back some changes to go only with others.Michael Sevakis1-0/+9
2011-02-12Fix move_handle in buffering. Calculating wraps by buffer_len - 1 is incorrec...Michael Sevakis1-43/+47
2011-02-10buffering: Don't execute move-handle-ony case if handle is of metadata type (...Michael Sevakis1-21/+17
2011-02-09Disable buffering codecs (and code generally) on RaaA.Thomas Martitz1-1/+5
2011-02-09Embedded album art support in MP3/ID3v2 tags.Thomas Martitz1-5/+24
2011-02-09Buffering should align itself and not rely on buffering_reset parameters when...Michael Sevakis1-0/+5
2011-02-09buffering: Fix a case that could allow widx to fully wrap to ridx and overflo...Michael Sevakis1-2/+2
2011-02-03Roll back unintentionally submitted file.Andree Buschmann1-15/+4
2011-02-03Submit FS#11918: Add 2 more codec types to be able to differentiate between A...Andree Buschmann1-4/+15
2011-02-02Clean up multiple definitions of RAM size. Remove -DMEM (make) and MEM (code)...Andree Buschmann1-3/+3
2010-08-30Fix FS#11586. Corrects rebuffering behaviour which did not allow to play seve...Andree Buschmann1-1/+1
2010-08-12Oops, committed before finishing the removal of "#include "memory.h""Thomas Martitz1-1/+1
2010-06-29Remove some redundant #include'sBertrik Sikken1-1/+0
2010-06-23playback.c: don't assume cacheline size is 16 bytesRafaël Carré1-2/+1
2010-06-21Rockbox as an application: Replace many occurences of #ifdef SIMULATOR with #...Thomas Martitz1-1/+1
2010-05-24fix: when move_handle() is successful, the return valueYoshihisa Uchida1-6/+6
2010-05-16FS#11263 - Radio Art support! %C and %Cl tags work in the radio screen and Ba...Jonathan Gordon1-1/+0
2010-05-15Eliminate %zd tag in printf format strings, replace them with %ld. The %z for...Jeffrey Goode1-2/+2