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2022-04-10gui_synclist move global display settings to list structWilliam Wilgus1-6/+19
2022-01-01gui lists add callback for owner drawn itemsWilliam Wilgus1-0/+1
2021-11-11Add setting for disabling wrap-around listsChristian Soffke1-3/+3
2021-10-30Have ACTION_TREE_ROOT_INIT cause ACTION_STD_MENUChristian Soffke1-1/+1
2021-08-22touchscreen: fix smooth scrolling in listsAidan MacDonald1-1/+11
2021-08-04Document intentional fallthroughs + fix harmless unintended onesAidan MacDonald1-0/+1
2020-11-14synclist add method for setting selection colorWilliam Wilgus1-2/+37
2020-10-29Volume adjustment in LISTS ignored AUDIOHW_SETTING valuesJohannes Rauh1-3/+4
2020-07-24[4/4] Remove HAVE_LCD_BITMAP, as it's now the only choice.Solomon Peachy1-44/+0
2020-07-24[3/4] Completely remove HWCODEC supportSolomon Peachy1-9/+0
2020-07-24[2/4] get rid of HAVE_LCD_CHARCELLSSolomon Peachy1-5/+0
2020-07-24[1/4] Remove SH support and all archos targetsSolomon Peachy1-4/+0
2019-07-28Show time, date, and recording directory in the info screenSolomon Peachy1-0/+7
2019-01-31FS#10311 -- Add beep when navigating to beginning or end of list.Solomon Peachy1-15/+59
2015-11-10Fix scrolling left button inadvertently cancels listtreeSebastian Leonhardt1-6/+8
2014-03-14events: Rework event subsystem (add_event, send_event) to be more versatile.Thomas Martitz1-6/+7
2014-01-07lists: Adapt put_line().Thomas Martitz1-26/+29
2013-03-28simplelist: Fix simplelist_set_line_count() so it actually sets the countJonathan Gordon1-2/+6
2013-02-12simplelist: Make better use of the static buffer and simplify APIJonathan Gordon1-14/+16
2012-05-20_lists_uiviewport_update_callback can be made staticBertrik Sikken1-1/+1
2012-03-22Redraw simplelist if/when necessary-Thomas Martitz1-0/+1
2012-03-20Fix FS#12606 - next track can cause the screen to be clearedJonathan Gordon1-0/+30
2012-03-15Revert "Fix FS#12606 - next track can cause the screen to be cleared"Jonathan Gordon1-22/+0
2012-03-14Fix FS#12606 - next track can cause the screen to be clearedJonathan Gordon1-0/+22
2012-01-12keyclick: Add a callback so screens can cancel a click. Add a generic list ca...Jonathan Gordon1-0/+22
2011-12-14FS#12378 : Remove various unused code, and comment out some unused code and d...Boris Gjenero1-7/+0
2011-10-23Fix charcell buildThomas Martitz1-0/+2
2011-10-23Fix FS#12337 properly. Also fixes FS#12345 which the previous commit introduced.Thomas Martitz1-5/+6
2011-10-22Add functions font_set_ui() and font_get_ui(). The font returned by FONT_UI u...Fred Bauer1-0/+1
2011-10-22Fix buttonbar and line padding in time&date screen.Thomas Martitz1-9/+14
2011-10-22Fix backwardly named variable.Thomas Martitz1-4/+2
2011-10-17Commit FS#12321 - Touchscreen: List line padding, to more easily select linesThomas Martitz1-7/+27
2011-10-15Changed the FOR_NB_SCREENS macro to always be a for loop that declares its ow...Björn Stenberg1-14/+4
2011-10-07Correct left-over assignment.Thomas Martitz1-4/+1
2011-10-07Re-order things to fix red.Thomas Martitz1-8/+7
2011-10-07lists: Detect dirtyness (need to reinit) for each list, instead of once globa...Thomas Martitz1-4/+11
2011-09-06Lists can now be completly draw using the skin engine!Jonathan Gordon1-1/+7
2011-09-03Add the list colour callback and a proper title icon to the simplelist apiJonathan Gordon1-1/+9
2011-03-22Scroll speed is increased every N seconds, not every N half seconds.Andree Buschmann1-2/+2
2010-10-31FS#11686 - Kinetic list scrolling for touchscreenThomas Martitz1-16/+23
2010-10-07use CONTEXT_LIST in simplelist_show_list() so that button combinations for pa...Teruaki Kawashima1-1/+1
2010-09-23Don't actually reimplement an existing feature for hiding the selection markerThomas Martitz1-1/+0
2010-09-23Explicitly disable hiding the selection bar by default.Thomas Martitz1-0/+1
2010-06-15FS#10336 - Simplify list redrawing to improve voicing when scrolling to top/b...Steve Bavin1-50/+46
2010-05-06Fix the remaining reds.Thomas Martitz1-0/+1
2010-05-06Move c/h files implementing/defining standard library stuff into a new libc d...Thomas Martitz1-1/+1
2010-04-10Use the existing type instead of defining an ad hoc oneAlexander Levin1-1/+1
2010-04-10Reset the number of lines to 0 when initializing the simple listAlexander Levin1-0/+1
2010-02-26Fix the list showing an empty line at the bottom if the sbs is handling the t...Jonathan Gordon1-1/+2
2010-02-262 new tags for the base skin.Jonathan Gordon1-1/+7