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2013-11-10Updated IAP commands.Ralf Ertzinger1-1110/+0
2011-09-25IAP: use a state machine for handling iap packets, based on FS#12135Bertrik Sikken1-45/+99
2011-05-02iap: pass length and data pointer to iap_handlepkt functions, this prepares f...Bertrik Sikken1-53/+62
2011-04-30iap: introduce functions (put_u32 and get_u32) to convert a uint32_t to a byt...Bertrik Sikken1-40/+27
2011-04-30iap: update handling of IdentifyDeviceLingoes command and fix RF tuner detect...Bertrik Sikken1-3/+7
2011-04-30FS#12085 - Correction of iap.c to avoid sending useless data to an accessory,...Bertrik Sikken1-6/+7
2011-04-27FS#12079 - Support for new commands in iap.c, by Ophir LojkineBertrik Sikken1-2/+115
2011-04-25iap: fix shutdown of logitech Pure-Fi Elite dock, by Ophir LojkineBertrik Sikken1-0/+8
2011-04-24iap: add more comments to iap command and responsesBertrik Sikken1-37/+68
2011-04-24iap: order lingo 0x00 commands by id and add commentsBertrik Sikken1-71/+82
2011-04-21iap: introduce cmd_ok_mode0 and cmd_ok_mode4 functions to reduce code duplica...Bertrik Sikken1-24/+25
2011-04-21iap: split iap_handlepkt into a function per modeBertrik Sikken1-563/+578
2010-10-24Fix return type of iap_getc (should be bool instead of int)Bertrik Sikken1-1/+1
2010-09-20iap: make variable serbuf non-globalBertrik Sikken1-3/+9
2010-08-12Oops, committed before finishing the removal of "#include "memory.h""Thomas Martitz1-1/+0
2010-04-18Clean up IAP / ipod remote tuner a bit.Bertrik Sikken1-8/+8
2010-03-16Return real screen size.Björn Stenberg1-2/+5
2010-02-26split the theme settings apply() sutff out of settings_apply(). this should f...Jonathan Gordon1-6/+0
2009-12-01Add support for the ipod FM remote to the 4G, Color, 5G, nano 1G with RDSLaurent Gautier1-34/+174
2009-08-03Add missing svn:keywords property.Dominik Riebeling1-1/+1
2009-08-03Fix reds for IAP and a missing #include.Thomas Martitz1-5/+5
2009-08-03part two of the grand overall wps/skinning engine cleanup work:Jonathan Gordon1-1/+1
2009-07-27Start of some apps/ and wps cleanup work... Move everything related to the ac...Jonathan Gordon1-1/+1
2009-07-14FS#10080Nils Wallménius1-6/+7
2009-05-17Fix duplicate #includesBertrik Sikken1-1/+0
2009-04-06FS9795 - some playback cleanup. Jonathan Gordon1-1/+5
2009-01-02static/const/#include/tab police on various filesBertrik Sikken1-502/+502
2008-12-25Commit FS#8624 by Linus Nielsen, Ryan Press, Craig Elliott, and Kenderes Tama...Michael Giacomelli1-0/+730