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2010-05-30Fix LANG_TAGNAVI_UNTAGGED source stringRafaël Carré1-1/+1
2010-05-22Wakeup alarm screen is unusuable with large fonts or small screensRafaël Carré1-2/+2
2010-05-20more french translationRafaël Carré1-0/+48
2010-05-20a bit of french translationRafaël Carré1-3/+5
2010-05-15Small mistake in francais.langRafaël Carré1-2/+2
2010-05-12FS#10853 - Skin support in the radio screen! Check CustomWPS for the new tagsJonathan Gordon1-5/+2
2010-03-21Update the french translation.Mustapha Senhaji1-0/+17
2010-03-16Update the french translation.Mustapha Senhaji1-15/+32
2010-03-11Packard Bell Vibe 500: add specific strings to the languages.Szymon Dziok1-6/+12
2010-02-27Update the french translation.Mustapha Senhaji1-4/+39
2010-02-02Update French translation by Mustapha SenhajiMarianne Arnold1-2/+37
2010-01-27Rename "custom statusbar" to "base skin" in the theme menu, no other changes....Jonathan Gordon1-16/+10
2010-01-15Also change usb_charging to usb_charging_enable in the lang filesFrank Gevaerts1-3/+3
2009-12-07Corrected ondio language wildcards.Björn Stenberg1-8/+8
2009-12-07Rename targets to be consistent in all places. (FS #10819). Take 2.Björn Stenberg1-89/+89
2009-11-16Updated french translation.Mustapha Senhaji1-5/+81
2009-11-12Crossfade: fix shuffle OR manual skip functionality, verbiage and manualJeffrey Goode1-1/+1
2009-11-12Added crossfade tag to lang file stringsJeffrey Goode1-30/+30
2009-11-11Crossfade: added a new option, rewrote decision logic, updated manual and men...Jeffrey Goode1-3/+3
2009-11-05Updated french translation.Mustapha Senhaji1-0/+45
2009-10-31Remove square brackets from the ID3 Viewer related language strings and gener...Thomas Martitz1-34/+34
2009-10-19Updated french translation.Mustapha Senhaji1-1/+77
2009-10-17Updated french translation part II, sorry for the previous version where the ...Mustapha Senhaji1-1/+1
2009-10-17git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138...Mustapha Senhaji1-2/+356
2009-09-25Replace limiter with dynamic range compressorJeffrey Goode1-3/+3
2009-09-23French translation: minor rewording for one string.Mustapha Senhaji1-2/+2
2009-09-13Laying the groundwork for future featuresJeffrey Goode1-1/+1
2009-08-30Update the french translation.Mustapha Senhaji1-0/+17
2009-08-24Update the french translation.Mustapha Senhaji1-1/+82
2009-08-24I'm making a right mess of this - hopefully the original typo is now fixed wi...Alex Parker1-1/+1
2009-08-24Ooops, missed one (French typos).Alex Parker1-1/+1
2009-08-24A couple more French typos (thanks to Clément Pit-Claudel).Alex Parker1-7/+7
2009-08-24Fix typo in French translation (thanks to Clément Pit-Claudel).Alex Parker1-1/+1
2009-08-18Fix empty LANG_LEFT & LANG_RIGHT strings.Maurus Cuelenaere1-34/+0
2009-08-16Update the french translation.Mustapha Senhaji1-0/+14
2009-08-16remove the rockbox info line saying the AA size and replace it with skin RAM ...Jonathan Gordon1-5/+2
2009-08-16Use a more appropriated word than the string commited in r21223.Mustapha Senhaji1-2/+2
2009-08-13Update the french translation.Mustapha Senhaji1-25/+217
2009-06-30fs#10290: Sansa AMS language fixes by Bertrik Sikken and Hilton ShumwayRafaël Carré1-8/+8
2009-06-24Change c200 to c200* everywhere since the c200v2 is identical to the c200.Jonas Häggqvist1-19/+19
2009-06-21Deprecate LANG_REPLAYGAIN_ENABLE in all languages, which r21415 failed to do.Jonas Häggqvist1-5/+5
2009-06-20Language updates:Jonas Häggqvist1-4/+19
2009-06-08FS#10249 by Teruaki Kawashima - "Gigabeat F/X: fix wrong key in "Set Time/Dat...Alex Parker1-2/+2
2009-06-08Apply r21086 to all languages. In the future, please use tools/ fo...Jonas Häggqvist1-2/+2
2009-05-09I defer to the OED -ise/-ize.Alex Parker1-1/+1
2009-05-09Correct a couple of spellings (US to UK).Alex Parker1-3/+3
2009-03-26Update the french translation.Mustapha Senhaji1-0/+51
2009-03-22Fully deprecate the USB strings touched in r20427.Jonas Häggqvist1-25/+10
2009-03-03More GSoC related work. Have genlang parse the user field of the lang files. ...Tom Ross1-796/+796
2009-03-02Update the french translation.Mustapha Senhaji1-2/+61