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2021-05-15FS#13289: Updated Polish translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-5/+31
Change-Id: I6680eac724a480006126d9128f8cc852f6221095
2021-05-04Update the english-us "translation"Solomon Peachy1-2/+14
Change-Id: Ife8dc52dd60fa10e8713f85969cebb6a865fd624
2021-05-03FS#13287 - Load a newly saved playlist and resume where it wasDana Conrad1-0/+14
Works from any playlist saving operation accessed from the While Playing Screen, all other playlist saving operations are unchanged. Now a user-selectable setting! Located in General Settings -> Playlists -> Current Playlist -> Reload After Saving (Yes/No) Change-Id: I5085c3f4c56c518a812d5ee015d15cc4dca19a28
2021-04-26Nuke the never-functional iriver ifp-7xx portSolomon Peachy1-3/+0
It never worked, and hasn't compiled in something like a decade, Given the HW capabilities (limited onboard flash, no expandability) there's really no point in trying to fix/complete it. Change-Id: I7d175089840396f8891645bd10010d730dd5bfdc
2021-04-26Nuke all TCC77x targets: iAudio 7, Sansa C100, M200(v1-3), Logik DAXSolomon Peachy8-24/+24
They were never finished, never saw any release ever, and haven't compiled for the better part of a decade. Given their HW capabilities [1], they are not worth trying to fix. [1] 1-2MB RAM, ~256MB onboard flash, no expandability Change-Id: I7b2a5806d687114c22156bb0458d4a10a9734190
2021-04-10build: Make the lang.h and genlang.h depend on the genlang toolSolomon Peachy1-3/+3
(So if genlang is updated, regenerate the language headers) Change-Id: I1de94eff609b27788db4f08e2d99992b8f360849
2021-04-07Update the english-us "translation"Solomon Peachy1-3/+17
Change-Id: I306fe06628ceee4efb6913cf0d4744a7fc8e814f
2021-04-07FS#13285: Updated Italian Translation (Alessio Lenzi)Solomon Peachy1-17/+180
Change-Id: I248d92121fb76056add2b533681aff27a6c58dd7
2021-04-05Add ability to always have autolock onDana Conrad1-0/+14
Tested on ErosQ Added a setting in the Advanced Softlock menu to always have autolock on, rather than having to "arm" it with the softlock button. Lock/Unlock still works the same with this on, but when the screen turns off, the device always ends up in the locked state. Requires Autolock On to be set as well, and the normal Autolock functionality is unchanged with this off. Caveat: the power/softlock button must be pressed at least once after powering on the device or enabling the feature. After that, it should consistently always "arm" the autolock. Added feature to manual in manual/configure_rockbox/system_options.tex. Also updated some labels I had changed in the Advanced Key Lock menu and added information for Disable All Lock Notifications in a previous commit. Shared items also updated in manual/configure_rockbox/display_options.tex for selective backlight. Change-Id: I09dc6814bee803e40c7088157e1fe9d01d5f3474
2021-03-28New port: FiiO M3K on bare metalAidan MacDonald2-6/+6
Change-Id: I7517e7d5459e129dcfc9465c6fbd708619888fbe
2021-03-23FS13279: Update Polish Translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-12/+91
Change-Id: Ib05bc51e3fa082a20862929f318bfd2e50d0dd66
2021-03-23Update english-us "translation"Solomon Peachy1-4/+102
Change-Id: I757e6b96473f714497bab45d17e754b5e344a5c4
2021-03-22FS13277: Updated Polish translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-8/+109
Change-Id: Iae27b78c66ebd0d9d185efaeef9131b86505bf9f
2021-03-23Add disable setting for all softlock notificationsDana Conrad1-13/+41
Tested on erosq Added ability to disable all softlock notifications. Setting is "Disable All Lock Notifications" under Advanced Key Lock Settings. Tested to make sure it doesn't interfere with backlight exemptions, keylock exemptions, or first press enables backlight only. When enabled, this overrules the existing Disable Notify setting, which only disables the reminders when a button is pressed while the device is already locked. Also changed phrases in the Advanced Key Lock settings menu to make it more obvious what the options do. Changed LANG_ACTION_PLAY, LANG_ACTION_SEEK, and LANG_ACTION_SKIP from "[button]" to "Exempt [button]". These language changes will also affect the Backlight Exemptions list, but the wording should be appropriate there as well. Added LANG_SOFTLOCK_DISABLE_ALL_NOTIFY and LANG_ACTION_VOLUME, changed LANG_VOLUME to LANG_ACTION_VOLUME in display_menu.c for consistency. Change-Id: I914fe154ba5d508a842165aea7c7755e4e6b9c57
2021-03-22Add new audiohw capability: POWER_MODE_CAPAidan MacDonald2-0/+102
This allows the user to make use of the DAC's power-saving abilities. The two modes are "high performance" and "battery saver". This feature is supported by the AK4376 DAC in the upcoming FiiO M3K port. The setting is only a manual toggle right now, but in the future it could be hooked up to the battery level (via another setting) so it can be toggled automatically when the battery gets too low. Change-Id: I482af6e2f969fcbdeb3411bd3ff91f866b12d027
2021-03-16Offer function to Clear List & Play Shuffled when playback is stoppedChristian Soffke1-0/+14
(as per multiple user requests) When playback is stopped, Rockbox will display an option to clear the current playlist and add selected tracks in random order, if Shuffled Adding options are enabled in Settings. Insert options will not be displayed anymore when playback is stopped to lessen confusion. Change-Id: I5e5819149027e63e5c6f30213e838c0d7e7de8d5
2021-03-14Customizable Current Playlist SubmenuChristian Soffke1-0/+56
Options to add shuffled tracks and to queue tracks in the Current Playlist Submenu can now be hidden, or the latter can also be put into its own submenu. Users can customize this in Settings by going to "General Settings - Playlists -> Current Playlist" and choosing from "Show Shuffled Adding Options" (No / Yes) or "Show Queue Options" (No / Yes / In Submenu). Allows for the paring down of the set of choices to a minimum of the 4 more common ones for adding tracks to a dynamic playlist (coming from the current total of 11). Defaults have been set so that users have to actively modify their settings to notice any difference, which makes it unlikely that anybody's workflow would be negatively affected by this change. Change-Id: Ibe48fc4da2c79f54cd7272df8e1e3ba9955203e5
2021-03-14Updated Italian Translation (Alessio Lenzi)Solomon Peachy1-4/+21
Change-Id: I7b98b1c6af99f2e43d9b4dc4dc46f63ed8b0192c
2021-03-14Update english-US "translation"Solomon Peachy1-0/+3
Change-Id: Ifecdc68911c7805e9744647cb1510a2a474afff6
2021-03-10Special-case the storage names for hibylinux-based hosted targetsSolomon Peachy1-0/+3
Change-Id: I66a4eebe244e9656f851d83aae0346af4367728f
2021-03-09Update english-US translation.Solomon Peachy1-4/+32
Change-Id: I9906b6a7033e49d56f480ae80188a7154d2f7560
2021-03-09UI: Rename "Play Next" to "Clear List & Play Next"Christian Soffke2-8/+36
The "Play Next" function replaces the current dynamic playlist, so it makes sense to convey that information to the user when displaying the option in a context menu. Change-Id: Ic6e03e4adbd811e28b5cfeba36b64c5e8a7db2f9
2021-03-09Updated Italian translation (Alessio Lenzi)Solomon Peachy1-0/+68
Change-Id: I93acf9d934429dadbc397e53555ae5b16c349b07
2021-03-07voice: Allow voice prompt volume to be configurableSolomon Peachy1-0/+14
It defaults to 100%, allow it to be dialed back Change-Id: If997fb7d3057472a7fac0be4ae7d1e8fce654c49
2021-03-07build: Make all other language files "depend" on english.langSolomon Peachy1-1/+1
If we update english.lang, we need to re-run genlang on the other language files so any changes are picked up. Change-Id: I7d296b3cc814871e881bdeac2784e64705bde10b
2021-03-05English-US language had some issues that caused it to fail.Solomon Peachy1-44/+44
Change-Id: I29d27ccb3b972393b234a0ace3f22d4b6c223a20
2020-12-12FS#13261: Update Dutch Translation (Issa Beganović)Solomon Peachy1-791/+3040
Change-Id: Ie8c6c5dc0d70bf214017590789a543faa2f5bc9f
2020-12-11voice: Last commit didn't work from a clean build.Solomon Peachy1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ib1abe1ae365d211b99fdaaf5f20a516dcc5cb167
2020-12-11voice: Add voice-corrections.txt to voicestrings.zipSolomon Peachy1-1/+4
This is in keeping with un-hardcoding stuff from rbutil. Change-Id: I8409c203bbe378a2cb9994ac0a327e9a324ff52d
2020-12-11lang: The "InvalidVoice" language file wasn't being included properlySolomon Peachy1-1/+0
It ended up inside the 'langs/' with an absolute path when it should of landed in langs/ directly. Change-Id: I308b551e627d63142ec8871ccfb72b6036eff3d2
2020-12-09FS13260: Updated Polish Translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-1/+55
Change-Id: If3f25abccc2a29e5a5745e36c18de762bcb3e354
2020-11-22lang: More automated rejiggering, USB_MODE_* is no longer ibasso-specificSolomon Peachy18-433/+216
Change-Id: I8e7eb3bb3c5ed61572c0ade4059c3e3527558932
2020-11-19languages: convert recording_swcodec -> recordingSolomon Peachy43-496/+496
Change-Id: I481a53284d63457717f4a6524edc5b477f29a20a
2020-11-19Clean out some obsolete strings from the Russian translationSolomon Peachy1-299/+12
Change-Id: Ic0878ae5d8e5d12c803702f3c069a1d1a3a74ef8
2020-11-17Update english-US languageSolomon Peachy1-16/+52
Change-Id: I0a20e76d2e5267eb15e85dac0cd1f524eafe0415
2020-11-17lang: Drop all deprecated strings, and rename LANG__NEVER to LANG_NEVERSolomon Peachy46-5246/+14
Change-Id: Ie1a1cb04ecb566b75d9884b98a8c4e37a4e8736f
2020-11-17lang: Make all swcodec &| lcd_bitmap strings default.Solomon Peachy48-35491/+21012
Change-Id: Id0a3282884c3e258c5b2f24b35aa7e618a8e8bbe
2020-11-13usb: Add ability to prompt user about what to do upon usb insertionSolomon Peachy21-108/+110
v3: Add in config option v4: Bugfixes v5: Force a redraw upon exiting v6: keypress-in-chargeonly mode enables mass storage (and vice versa) v7: Fix bootloader builds v8: Update manual, and have bootloader respect keypresses v9: Change default to mass storage (ie no change in behavior) todo: * test-build dx50/dx90 * Switch from yes/no to proper menu? * prevent WPS progress bar from drawing over us Change-Id: I82e0ccb08497b7a5aa756ce77f1332ee963703a7 ... Change-Id: I7946cf240b18a4fa8ace5e25e1eb6e97b8b12d7c
2020-11-11Russian translations updateIgor B. Poretsky1-12/+427
Change-Id: I9fbc26afba11dfc170abefd11bd28492f04009b0
2020-11-11Czech translations fixIgor B. Poretsky1-5/+5
Change-Id: Iafd2cb15a2935654e6a13489180bea31efbe54a0
2020-11-11Voice strings fixesIgor B. Poretsky24-106/+91
Change-Id: I27729b57ee6070443d3c98852812ae6d7581d8f8
2020-10-09New port: FiiO M3KSolomon Peachy1-0/+34
Most credit goes to: Roman Skylarov Additional integration and refactoring by myself. *** COMPLETELY UNTESTED *** Change-Id: Ia64c36d92e0214c6b15f7a868df286f8113ea27b
2020-09-20Add Invalid Voice Announcement to the voice system FS#13216William Wilgus3-1/+6
When a voice file is invalid or fails to load the voice system splash a message 'Invalid Voice' Now we supply a single voice file (currently only english is used) the support for other languages is in but I haven't set it up to look for anything but Also adds a one time kill voice thread function ie. it doesn't allow re-init after killing the voice thread & queue Change-Id: I7b43f340c3cc65c65110190f0e0075b31218a7ac
2020-09-12get rid of a tab in a translated stringSolomon Peachy1-1/+1
Change-Id: I6215e9aa22e7e99a50de4541a28163fec30e6bf3
2020-09-05Update of the Serbian translationIvan Pesic1-606/+633
Change-Id: I4165a3026fb48d11da30a5b438fc3bee750425a2
2020-08-26xduoox3: Include curves for both battery typesSolomon Peachy45-89/+101
There is no way to detect this at runtime so it is a user setting Change-Id: Ibc5b87312238c59e3678d512af27e3a3bcb9a58a
2020-08-23FS#13235: Update Polish translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-16/+202
Change-Id: I396b7de8f1170dfa96f735e939288cf4180f9f4f
2020-08-20Update English (US) translationSolomon Peachy1-16/+162
Change-Id: I22d8a67d0039dd99cb89f56187214323f2e44a77
2020-08-20Updated Italian translation (Alessio Lenzi)Solomon Peachy1-0/+154
Change-Id: Ia8fbe7dc1b24bc412e415e6d756ce2c45a861474
2020-08-17WIP open_plugins.rock viewerWilliam Wilgus1-0/+98
OP allows you to use Open With.. to call plugins with parameters called directly it acts as a shortcut list for plugins open_plugins.rock interfaces with the open_plugin core When opened directly it acts as a viewer for the plugin.dat file this allows you to edit the paths and parameters for core shortcuts as well as your added plugins If a plugin is supplied to the viewer it is added to the dat file If instead the plugin has previously been added then it is run with the parameters you previously supplied ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Added export to .opx files this allows shortcuts to plugins with parameters to be called from the file browser Change-Id: Ib8b05a60b049fb1d5881031ca09a07e3307d375a