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2022-06-21Reset settings on button hold fix lang for non supported ipodsWilliam Wilgus1-7/+3
Change-Id: I7ab15c26d7670472b0861e2862e865b63064c939
2022-06-21Reset settings on button holdWilliam Wilgus1-3/+10
extend this properly to the gigabeast and iriver updated manual entries Change-Id: Ibd1bce8d113193cb3b76f4daf0d6ceb01a2f7585
2022-06-20FS#13193 - Add option to disable settings reset on startupWilliam Wilgus1-0/+17
Updated version of the patch originally by user cockroach UNTESTED Ipods?, Iriver H10, I do not own these players so YMMV Change-Id: I7924837f582cc5c49ee68c186d6822f577f65147
2022-06-13Update english-us "translation"Solomon Peachy1-83/+286
Change-Id: I5b59e75d6c5ba06a3917fa7046bb769d873d6bfd
2022-06-12FS13343: Updated Serbian translation (Ivan Pesic)Solomon Peachy1-111/+889
Change-Id: Ic4ba206b981dd03e7dcdd5a1fd3bc5f48ecc3584
2022-06-12FS13346: Updated Slovak translation (Matej Golian)Solomon Peachy1-97/+222
Change-Id: Icb2e7084c60fe091ea00928d84fe036b4341b762
2022-06-12FS13345: Updated Polish Translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-79/+120
Change-Id: I9292f2dfcdbc65e9020ff2f1ef4569a371f780bc
2022-05-14apps: Add "keep current track when replacing playlist" settingAidan MacDonald1-0/+14
Add a setting that makes Play and Play Shuffled in the playlist context menu leave the current song (if any) playing when they replace the playlist. Default to on, since this was the behavior of the old "Clear List & Play Next" option. Change-Id: I1340aed5c28bb3244e36d0953b3308ae59681c97
2022-05-14apps: Change playlist context menu behavior, fix FS#13336Aidan MacDonald1-8/+36
Rename the "Clear List & Play" options to simply Play and Play Shuffled, and change their behavior slightly. Previously they would leave the current song playing, but now they will start playing the first song of the new playlist immediately. Shuffle options are now consistently hidden whenever a single file is selected. Fixes FS#13336 -- Play Shuffled is now always displayed where applicable, regardless of playback state. Change-Id: Idd454b4f9ab2c98cda3ce0389add747a3273fb42
2022-05-09Properties plugin: Eliminate redundant Track Info codeChristian Soffke1-52/+66
When opening an audio file from the file browser or database using the Properties plugin, it will now use existing code from the Show Track Info screen for displaying metadata. The menu option has been renamed accordingly. Change-Id: I5a824865b9f980151b91aff3c3c18ec45830a12c
2022-04-17Fix red from 6f5af8e53cAidan MacDonald42-336/+210
Change-Id: I02dbc3e91856eaef081446ca77919e6182a85e1d
2022-03-31FS13338: Updated Slovak translation (Matej Golian)Solomon Peachy1-4/+3
Change-Id: I41f794a457435f0d02da180673e272438e3879b2
2022-03-31FS13441: Updated Italian translation (Alessio Lenzi)Solomon Peachy1-21/+107
Change-Id: I442d79842ca1d58d122058171175a6fee844a353
2022-03-31FS13340: Updated Polish Translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-4/+105
Change-Id: I5b10231277c6c546400b3d74e3c0339f6026b729
2022-03-30alarm_menu share setter with settimeWilliam Wilgus1-19/+4
share the time picker with the alarm block the date portion, seconds are ignored Change-Id: Idc6974466772c33248ff532c8f3c62c744ee06d9
2022-03-27PictureFlow: Configurable album sortingChristian Soffke1-0/+84
Now offers sorting by: - Album artist, then album name - Album artist, then album year - Album year - Album name Years are determined by the most recently released track appearing on an album, if the value differs between tracks. On the M3K, instead of by going into Settings, volume buttons can also be used for quickly adjusting the current sorting Change-Id: I2c50059617114fb418336c466fdd37415473ac7d
2022-03-26LastFm remove scrobbler from core make a TSR plugin WIPWilliam Wilgus1-4/+4
remove scrobbler from core make it a plugin Change-Id: I606810eba7d570dfb332789aed913c6f8adc7fb7
2022-02-22FS#13337: Updated Slovak translation (Matej Golian)Solomon Peachy1-22/+894
Change-Id: I067c5a8e26b44def88fa60b38aabd1d014555e23
2022-02-07sync clock with RDS timeWolfram Sang1-0/+17
Tested with my SansaClip+. I don't think this will need extra battery but let me know if I am wrong. Change-Id: I287dae134113e0f8a138af68f5087b8ea45b0f4c
2022-01-30FS#13335: Updated Polish translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-4/+44
Change-Id: I6288e6c64d82cc737c5ec1dd3651aa0793894d29
2022-01-30FS#13334: Updated Italian translation (Alessio Lenzi)Solomon Peachy1-1/+43
Change-Id: Icfc81db225911d1b034e5c77b3d4cf0baec210c2
2022-01-22Option to switch off album art or to prefer file over embeddedChristian Soffke1-0/+42
Large embedded album art can cause pauses during playback or when skipping between tracks, especially on older devices, but embedded art is currently loaded even when separately stored smaller image files would be available. A workaround is to remove large album art from the metadata of files. This now adds a setting to either turn off loading of album art completely, or to prefer loading the album art from a separate image file and thus ignore the embedded versions. Change-Id: I22fb581abf56072e35e6c29d72e553747ec1a96a
2021-12-18FS#13330: Updated Dutch translation (Issa Beganović)Solomon Peachy1-9/+245
Change-Id: I5d029551154a0485d1866ee4f1c44d9662275981
2021-12-17FS#13228: More Turkish translation updates (Selami Dinçer)Solomon Peachy1-155/+155
This one is focused on corrections to existing strings Change-Id: Icf74b30429f8bfadafa8b14545e82b1b13a8bf8f
2021-12-17FS#13327: Further Turkish translation updates (Selami Dinçer)Solomon Peachy1-185/+185
(Continuing to fix strings that were the same as English) Change-Id: Id6a1d607019747e61740f8ef87ac5b69cfe7d4d5
2021-12-16FS#13326: Further Turkish translation updates (Selami Dinçer)Solomon Peachy1-454/+454
Change-Id: I92e3477c83f48c5bab0ee96528e902bc45c8fb08
2021-12-15FS#13325: Further Turkish translation updates (Selami Dinçer)Solomon Peachy1-517/+515
Making a big dent in the "same as English" list Change-Id: Ieeb1dc4245233012ea5a8b63599a474bad0517de
2021-12-15languages: Fix RTL language file generationSolomon Peachy2-0/+4
The 'rtl' flags for Arabic and Hebrew was inadvertantly deleted in 7ff3c94e1 (over a year ago, in November 2020!) but it's actually been broken since the introduction of 'updatelang', in 2305966d (July 2020) The fix here is to change the 'RTL' flag from an <options> section in the language file to a comment in the header. It's not as pure in a design sense but it makes for a much cleaner implementation. I may further revamp this by making the 'RTL' flag into an explicit LANG_xxx string Change-Id: I48f394adfadc0aa804fd67690c87cc28f04fccdc
2021-12-15FS#13324: Updated Turkish translation (Selami Dinçer)Solomon Peachy1-1106/+4115
Change-Id: I970e29318e74317e699d52a88c4d4d25067bb028
2021-12-13FS13323: Updated Italian translation (Alessio Lenzi)Solomon Peachy1-4/+415
Change-Id: I3ebadcf4691483d9bd002161cc01d0bfcc3926d0
2021-12-11Fix yellow from 69d08be0Aidan MacDonald9-54/+27
Change-Id: Id1ee471454f1d23df3322ed78ba3feb2fe443d74
2021-12-11Automated translation fixups for a couple of stringsSolomon Peachy41-138/+138
Change-Id: Ia61512044d5c9da3b7f161097402b525719a7bb5
2021-12-11Update english-us "translation"Solomon Peachy1-2/+43
Change-Id: Icac11ade75768312db7ed4119aadda0c0dd751d7
2021-12-11FS#13322: Updated Polish Translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-0/+42
Change-Id: I08ea5cc3c47c80e573c54c226f55c21d7fcf54dc
2021-12-11Update Chinese translationsSolomon Peachy2-3309/+986
Lifted from the Rockbox-RCC github repo, plus several cleanups by myself. Change-Id: I1f9fb7995812acd376f8783aa12a4e6717ff5c33
2021-12-11lang: Use consistent capitalization for button namesSolomon Peachy1-4/+2
Change-Id: I02aecb17a214f3da179177f70986bb6961670c3d
2021-12-11Add setting for numeric list sort orderAidan MacDonald1-1/+43
The sort order of numeric lists can now be changed with the new "List Order" setting. It defaults to ascending for most scrollwheel targets and descending for all others, matching the old hardcoded behavior. Change-Id: I4866f04ec5995158edf9e40badf7f661b3ddea81
2021-12-09Update US English "translation"Solomon Peachy1-9/+28
Change-Id: I1750c64ab8251cbb98ac48c3d2bfbd2c1df431a1
2021-12-09FS#13220: Updated Polish Translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-0/+70
Change-Id: I51ce45b8404ed79169300fc6b7a2bccabed03af8
2021-12-08Add setting to hide shutdown messageChristian Soffke1-0/+14
Also keeps display from lighting up before shutdown, which reduces distractions, especially at night and when the sleep timer is used by allowing the screen to remain dark. Change-Id: I1c2d1966f6fb9766532adf01e8828876a871857f
2021-11-11Add setting for disabling wrap-around listsChristian Soffke1-0/+14
Allows user to decide whether scrolling lists will wrap around to the opposite end after the first or last item has been reached. Change-Id: I22156812cf4c857ddc4b6c48c1cef013b1985260
2021-11-05Add single playback modeMoshe Piekarski3-0/+42
(FS#482) Change-Id: I8b4c3e4ffb6975122153e82f2b9848c382195163
2021-09-28voice: Allow voiced date format to be overriddenSolomon Peachy2-0/+28
This adds LANG_VOICED_DATE_FORMAT, a format string with these tokens: Y 4-digit year A Month name m numeric month d numeric day of month The default (english) is '23 January 2013' In comparison, english-us is 'January 23 2013' Change-Id: I055a3287c104260dec63bba58d36fdae9df1ed16
2021-09-28talk: Add support for languages that swap the tens position in numbersSolomon Peachy3-0/+42
For example, English would say "231" as "two hundred thirty one" but many other languages would say "two hundred one and thirty" So, if VOICE_NUMERIC_TENS_SWAP_SEPARATOR is not an empty string, swap the tens and ones position and use that string ("and" in the above example) as the voiced separator. Change-Id: I69f8064d44b3995827327cabae6ad352bf257d04
2021-09-19FS13255: Partial update of Hungarian Translation (Gergely Békési)Solomon Peachy1-779/+81
(plus a lot of patch rebaseing by myself) Change-Id: I184638147daceb5b60838763bc3d12a2959b337f
2021-09-17FS#13304: Updated Dutch translation (Issa Beganović)Solomon Peachy1-19/+387
Change-Id: I8daaac6feea07eb114259b1e39338979e8a630fa
2021-09-17FS#13309: Updated Polish Translation (Adam Rak)Solomon Peachy1-0/+126
Change-Id: Ie808def000b00514b2929a2aaef6082fc7daa9be
2021-09-17Synchronize english-us "translation"Solomon Peachy1-0/+135
Change-Id: I6cdedbced816bce223b9f7579d5fcd0af091f81a
2021-09-16File properties plugin: Add bitrate.James D. Smith1-0/+14
Change-Id: I6160c50685ce1615ef295a472f25cb608b2e6feb
2021-09-16File properties plugin: Add frequency.James D. Smith1-0/+14
Change-Id: I27453b39b5e4a6b4f97eff27a36c8ef2772ec092