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2019-05-15puzzles: resync with upstreamFranklin Wei1-0/+1
This brings the puzzles source to upstream commit e2135d5. (I've made my own changes on top of that.) This brings in a couple bugfixes and a new solver for Dominosa. Change-Id: I11d46b43171787832330a5e2e0d2f353f36f727d
2018-04-24puzzles: update frontend for new upstream, misc. changesFranklin Wei1-1/+1
The upstream code changed a little bit with regard to the request_keys() API. Also, we save some bytes (especially on the c200v2) by compiling with -ffunction-sections and -fdata-sections, which allows Net to fit once again. Change-Id: I3ab30127169c73e4cd8996f0c12e1223ee18d79f
2017-08-16puzzles: compress extensive help textFranklin Wei1-0/+1
This is only really needed to save a few bytes on the c200v2, but since it adds negligible overhead, so it's implemented for all targets. A stripped down version of the LZ4 reference implementation is found in lz4tiny.c. Change-Id: Ib914ba71c84e04da282328662c752e533912e197
2017-07-17puzzles: dynamic text size via custom font packFranklin Wei1-2/+0
Up to now, we'd just ignore whatever font size the puzzle asked for, and instead just go with either the UI font or system font regardless of their size, which led to some horrible-looking puzzles. This patch adds the ability to automatically load fonts of the proper size when they are available, which makes text-based puzzles such as Pattern and Slant function correctly with any UI font. The font pack, which should be extracted to the system-wide fonts directory consists of 3 small bitmap fonts from 7px to 10px and then anti-aliased Deja Vu fonts from 10px to 36px. It is available in the source tree (apps/plugins/puzzles/, or from <>. Change-Id: I05c8fe7bd6d867e14de9b941deb91e8c642ee4a8
2017-06-03puzzles: remove redundant help contentFranklin Wei1-3/+0
It used to be that each puzzle had a complete copy of the entire puzzles manual and the "quick help" text for every single puzzle. This was obviously a waste, so now each puzzle only has the sections of the manual that apply to it, saving about 100KB or so per puzzle. This also has the added benefit of shrinking binary size enough to allow full help support on the c200v2, which has been enabled. Change-Id: I76c799635de058e4a48e0c18b79537857af7cf85
2017-05-17puzzles: fix buildingFranklin Wei1-0/+3
- disables help on c200v2 - renames conflicting function Change-Id: I0c4ff1bb40e7e3cafd0170090f22b80bf0656741
2017-05-16puzzles: full help systemFranklin Wei1-0/+3
- embeds the upstream halibut documentation for plugin use - currently every plugin has a copy of the help text, but in the future a centralized system using overlays might be better Change-Id: Idb6eb9accc2fa786a4c6bc2b704e7cf5fd3f78dd
2017-04-29puzzles: refactor and resync with upstreamFranklin Wei1-21/+21
This brings puzzles up-to-date with upstream revision 2d333750272c3967cfd5cd3677572cddeaad5932, though certain changes made by me, including cursor-only Untangle and some compilation fixes remain. Upstream code has been moved to its separate subdirectory and future syncs can be done by simply copying over the new sources. Change-Id: Ia6506ca5f78c3627165ea6791d38db414ace0804
2016-12-18Port of Simon Tatham's Puzzle CollectionFranklin Wei1-0/+26
Original revision: 5123b1bf68777ffa86e651f178046b26a87cf2d9 MIT Licensed. Some games still crash and others are unplayable due to issues with controls. Still need a "real" polygon filling algorithm. Currently builds one plugin per puzzle (about 40 in total, around 100K each on ARM), but can easily be made to build a single monolithic overlay (800K or so on ARM). The following games are at least partially broken for various reasons, and have been disabled on this commit: Cube: failed assertion with "Icosahedron" setting Keen: input issues Mines: weird stuff happens on target Palisade: input issues Solo: input issues, occasional crash on target Towers: input issues Undead: input issues Unequal: input and drawing issues (concave polys) Untangle: input issues Features left to do: - In-game help system - Figure out the weird bugs Change-Id: I7c69b6860ab115f973c8d76799502e9bb3d52368