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2020-12-07puzzles: resync with upstreamFranklin Wei1-1/+1
This updates the upstream sources to include a modified get_cursor_location patch that I anticipate Simon will merge shortly. Also, I've streamlined the resync process to only copy the exact files we need to reduce clutter. Change-Id: I6a5ac60821fce346c500b101c363ae0c63c2ee95
2020-06-25puzzles: resync with upstreamFranklin Wei1-1/+1
This brings the upstream version to 9aa7b7c (with some of my changes as well). Change-Id: I5bf8a3e0b8672d82cb1bf34afc07adbe12a3ac53
2018-12-21puzzles: resync with upstreamFranklin Wei1-244/+244
This brings the code to upstream commit 3ece3d6 (I've made my own Rockbox- specific changes on top of that). Changes include using C99 `bool' throughout, and minor logic fixes for some puzzles. Change-Id: Ie823e73ae49a8ee1de411d6d406df2ba835af541
2018-04-24puzzles: update help text, make generation and testing cleanerFranklin Wei1-1/+1
This includes an upstream change to the Galaxies help text. `' no longer leaves temporary files sitting around, and the self-test feature of lz4tiny.c works again. Change-Id: I787f4cb3c258baade31638d6be18f95b7aa0705e
2018-04-24puzzles: silence some warningsFranklin Wei1-2/+2
Change-Id: Id6fd9d8dd3021f5e2cb93565d7e419aaf07f9af0
2018-03-17puzzles: add formatting to help viewerFranklin Wei1-318/+337
The help text is now processed to generate a style array to pass to the display_text library in addition to the text itself. The help text is still compressed using LZ4, and still fits on the c200v2. Change-Id: I7a3a664f90f67a1a018956c72d2b62d92b8ffd17
2017-10-23puzzles: resync with upstreamFranklin Wei1-1/+1
There have been some improvements with regard to small screen sizes, which will be nice to have. Change-Id: I30c740514156258d2818fde325c1a751500f7611
2017-08-16puzzles: fix buildFranklin Wei1-1/+0
Change-Id: Ifb6d7938968a48a1492483b33c84050abcfb75e0
2017-08-16puzzles: compress extensive help textFranklin Wei1-148/+322
This is only really needed to save a few bytes on the c200v2, but since it adds negligible overhead, so it's implemented for all targets. A stripped down version of the LZ4 reference implementation is found in lz4tiny.c. Change-Id: Ib914ba71c84e04da282328662c752e533912e197
2017-06-03puzzles: remove redundant help contentFranklin Wei1-0/+150
It used to be that each puzzle had a complete copy of the entire puzzles manual and the "quick help" text for every single puzzle. This was obviously a waste, so now each puzzle only has the sections of the manual that apply to it, saving about 100KB or so per puzzle. This also has the added benefit of shrinking binary size enough to allow full help support on the c200v2, which has been enabled. Change-Id: I76c799635de058e4a48e0c18b79537857af7cf85