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2005-11-17Remote WPS support (and some WPS bugfixes) by Stephan WezelChristi Scarborough1-882/+0
2005-11-17Added dircache support to playlist. Now playlist filename pointers areMiika Pekkarinen1-2/+2
2005-11-16fixed the warning, forgot an includeKevin Ferrare1-0/+1
2005-11-16replaced all the splash calls by gui_sync_splash, added some missing remote k...Kevin Ferrare1-2/+2
2005-11-10iRiver: more robust folder skip routines + folder navigation on main unit viaAnton Oleynikov1-5/+31
2005-11-06Sound settings rework: * Put all fixed parameters (unit, decimals, step, min,...Jens Arnold1-6/+6
2005-11-06iRiver: Fixed the wps not to stop audio before shutdown has beenMiika Pekkarinen1-2/+12
2005-11-02patch 1328447: folder skip routines in playlist API plus next/prev folder nav...Anton Oleynikov1-0/+14
2005-08-29Major peakmeter rework: * Changed set/get functions for dbfs mode to bool typ...Jens Arnold1-34/+17
2005-08-21Patch #1105616 by Ray Lambert - A-B Repeat for Archos studio/recorder, still ...Linus Nielsen Feltzing1-1/+73
2005-07-07"Bugfix" by Langlois Florian (Chamois on IRC), we forgot to change this one.Tomas Salfischberger1-1/+1
2005-07-05(1) Patch 1231281: Alignment tags for the WPS by Per Holmaeng. Use %al for l...Christi Scarborough1-1/+1
2005-07-04Moved resume info updating to the mpeg/playback threads so that it's saved ev...Hardeep Sidhu1-16/+0
2005-06-29Don't spinup the disk on pause if at least one method ensures the resume posi...Jens Arnold1-2/+2
2005-06-29Always update resume info on track change. Fixes resume for codecs that don'...Hardeep Sidhu1-1/+1
2005-06-29Resume rework. With the new resume function, 'Ask' and 'Ask Once' are redund...Christi Scarborough1-6/+3
2005-06-26Iriver: remote FFWD/REW supportJens Arnold1-1/+19
2005-06-26Quick menu for iRiver: A long press on the PLAY key in the browser or the WP...Christi Scarborough1-3/+8
2005-06-26Fixed up WPS_*_PRE / WPS_RC_*_PRE handling. (Gimme back my RC_PAUSE on archos.)Jens Arnold1-15/+16
2005-06-23When exiting the context menu with the menu button, call the main menu. Mainl...Jens Arnold1-0/+2
2005-06-23Fixe red player build.Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2005-06-23Henrik Backes patch for WPS and tag database context menus. Tag database cont...Linus Nielsen Feltzing1-0/+15
2005-06-18Button adjustments for H1x0: added mode button for leaving menus and cancelli...Jens Arnold1-18/+22
2005-06-12Make remote-control code more completeMarcoen Hirschberg1-1/+8
2005-06-12Added menu button for remote (because the menu now supports the remote too).Tomas Salfischberger1-1/+8
2005-06-12Add remote control support to tree and menu. Move defines from wps.c to wps.hMarcoen Hirschberg1-113/+0
2005-06-08Bugfix: Holding the remote volume button wasn't working. Someone forgot to ad...Tomas Salfischberger1-0/+2
2005-06-08Support for iRiver remote buttons in WPS.Tomas Salfischberger1-0/+8
2005-06-05First audio codec playback attempt by Miikka PekkarinenLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-2/+2
2005-05-13Fix simulator and iriver builds.Jens Arnold1-0/+2
2005-05-13(1) Wait for the MAS to run out of buffered data on fade out. Fixes bug #7789...Jens Arnold1-11/+16
2005-04-04More audio code restructuring, mostly renaming functions so farLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-31/+31
2005-04-01Moved the mpeg_sound_xxx() functions to sound.c and renamed them to sound_xxx()Linus Nielsen Feltzing1-11/+12
2005-02-12long policyJean-Philippe Bernardy1-2/+2
2005-01-23Added button definitions for gmini build. Prettified formatting.Jens Arnold1-70/+88
2004-12-19Removed annoying debug outputLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-2/+0
2004-11-19Added iRiver button codesLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-1/+19
2004-10-24Fix: Skipping to previous/next track via remote works again. WPS_RC_(PREV|NEX...Jens Arnold1-6/+6
2004-10-05Added stop (off+repeat) to ondio wps.Björn Stenberg1-0/+1
2004-10-04Moved most actions off of button release events.Björn Stenberg1-0/+7
2004-10-04Player volume buttons now work againBjörn Stenberg1-6/+12
2004-10-04Player next/prev is on release, not press. (Bug #1039326)Björn Stenberg1-2/+2
2004-10-01Patch #1038325 by Markus Braun, prevents WPS from setting the volume higher t...Linus Nielsen Feltzing1-0/+2
2004-09-28a hell of a commit: changed several HAVE_xx configuration flags into multiple...Jörg Hohensohn1-6/+6
2004-09-21Fixed broken rewind in wpsHenrik Backe1-3/+2
2004-09-19Redesigned the button handling. The code now uses symbolic function defines i...Björn Stenberg1-461/+192
2004-09-10adjustment for the Ondio: button driver has an Odio part, for now it has a Pl...Jörg Hohensohn1-1/+5
2004-08-29The mute status display function now uses splash() tooJens Arnold1-9/+7
2004-08-01More const policeing step 2Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2004-07-26First step in revamping the USB event handling, paving the way for the upcomi...Linus Nielsen Feltzing1-21/+28