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2006-02-24first gigabeat commitMarcoen Hirschberg46-5/+378
2006-02-24code police strikes againMarcoen Hirschberg2-5/+5
2006-02-24Button driver for iAudio X5Linus Nielsen Feltzing29-51/+49
2006-02-24prevent rockbox from using the wrong includesMarcoen Hirschberg15-16/+16
2006-02-24iPod: Reset the settings if the hold button is turned on before Rockbox startsDave Chapman1-0/+5
2006-02-24Fixed the early usb initialization problem.Miika Pekkarinen1-0/+9
2006-02-24Ooops, commit missing chessbox changes. Silly cvs...Jens Arnold2-1/+35
2006-02-24Made chessbox work on archos recorders and Ondios as an overlay. * Proper but...Jens Arnold4-38/+110
2006-02-24new menu system, consolidated button assignments, ipod mini supportAdam Boot4-203/+364
2006-02-23Static allocation of ttable.Jens Arnold1-7/+3
2006-02-23Quick fix to not stop audio playback on .cfg file load unless language settin...Magnus Holmgren1-1/+11
2006-02-23Fixes to Chessclock from Miguel (to make it work again after we broke his pat...Dave Chapman4-15/+16
2006-02-23Make peak meter work in simulator for SWCODEC targets.Dan Everton1-7/+6
2006-02-23Optimization of WavPack decoding in ARM assembler (for iPods). This allows Wa...Dave Bryant3-1/+482
2006-02-23Made the overlay loader code part of the plugin library.Jens Arnold5-72/+152
2006-02-23Erronous comment.Thom Johansen1-2/+2
2006-02-23Add chessbox to the build system (currently only for iRiver H1x0/H3x0 and iPo...Dave Chapman3-8/+16
2006-02-23Apply same optimisation as for the core lcd drivers.Jens Arnold1-19/+38
2006-02-22Fixed some iPod button mappings.Zakk Roberts1-8/+8
2006-02-22iAudio has no BUTTON_SELECT.Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2006-02-22Colour targets: Optimised plasma.rock. Now renders directly in fb_data format...Jens Arnold1-54/+62
2006-02-22Correct Miguel's last name pt. 2Hristo Kovachev1-1/+1
2006-02-22New chessbox plugin by Miguel A. ArГ©valo, based on GNU Chess v2Hristo Kovachev10-0/+3052
2006-02-22Remove some unused/deprecated definesHristo Kovachev1-24/+0
2006-02-22BrickMania for Archos Recorder/Ondio, iAudio x5 (b/w at the moment) and iPod 3GBen Basha18-98/+217
2006-02-22Fix some of the voice and beep bugs that people have noticed since my new pcm...Brandon Low2-55/+53
2006-02-21Patch #1435744 from Andrew Scott - initial iPod Mini supportDave Chapman2-3/+9
2006-02-21Change slider display when changing edit mode.Dan Everton1-11/+28
2006-02-21Use scrollbar widget for the sliders instead of custom drawing routines.Dan Everton1-23/+8
2006-02-21First attempt at generating and using .h files from bitmaps using bmp2rb. Th...Dave Chapman12-46/+32
2006-02-20Speed dsp gain up slightly mostly with better code orderBrandon Low1-28/+40
2006-02-20Add ASM optimised subband filtering loop for ARM targets. RestructureThom Johansen1-11/+60
2006-02-20Faster filled triangle drawing for colour targets and greyscale iPods.Jens Arnold1-1/+73
2006-02-20BrickMania for iPod NanoBen Basha19-9/+92
2006-02-19Re-adding in binary modeDave Chapman18-0/+0
2006-02-19Added in ASCII mode.Dave Chapman18-0/+0
2006-02-19Patch #1418787 brickmania for the H1xx series by Dominik Wenger with changes ...Ben Basha19-54/+224
2006-02-19Add ASM optimised range_limit() for ARM, which gives a tiny performanceThom Johansen1-2/+12
2006-02-19Repeat rate adaption is now handled by the button driver.Jens Arnold1-3/+0
2006-02-19Adaptive button repeat: adapts repeat rate depending on the ability of the ap...Jens Arnold1-0/+2
2006-02-19Use a better string for 'Canceled' splashes.Magnus Holmgren3-3/+3
2006-02-19Replace the range_limit lookup table with an inline function, asm optimised f...Jens Arnold1-112/+71
2006-02-19Proper screendump for greyscale iPods.Jens Arnold1-0/+29
2006-02-18Oops, fix the simulator buildsHristo Kovachev1-1/+5
2006-02-18Okay, clearing the display twice doesn't give us anything more..Hristo Kovachev1-1/+0
2006-02-18"Next/Previous jpeg from within the JPEG viewer" addition by Alexander Spyrid...Hristo Kovachev5-86/+342
2006-02-18320x98 Rockbox logo for larger LCDs (currently only iPod 5G).Zakk Roberts3-4/+11
2006-02-18Plugin loader: Handle the remote LCD the same way as the main LCD (clear, set...Jens Arnold1-1/+20
2006-02-17Fix 4-grey rockbox logo.Jens Arnold1-0/+0
2006-02-17Patch #1423609 by Martin Scarratt and myself: enables using the backlight as ...Peter D'Hoye5-3/+92