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2005-01-21Don't show browser before resume.Björn Stenberg1-11/+13
2005-01-21Cleared some deprecated strings.Jens Arnold2-46/+46
2005-01-20finally add my Alpine car CD changer emulator, although very few people may u...Jörg Hohensohn2-0/+1204
2005-01-20ÿ-20 19:24:39 +0000; author: hohensoh; state: Exp; lines: +4 -4Jörg Hohensohn2-6/+6
2005-01-20Added music playing from ID3 browser.Björn Stenberg4-40/+91
2005-01-20Fixed crash when changing between id3 and file mode in wps.Björn Stenberg1-0/+1
2005-01-20Added file id, and restored unix-style newlines.Jens Arnold1-1/+2
2005-01-20Synched.Mats Lidell1-0/+18
2005-01-20Fixup.Jens Arnold1-2/+2
2005-01-19Synced.Jens Arnold1-0/+18
2005-01-19I intended to fix it, really\!Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2005-01-19Tweaked to compile with older gcc.Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2005-01-19New way of handling the builtin language strings. Now the string pointers are...Jens Arnold3-0/+18
2005-01-19Added a virtual 'Artists,Albums,Songs' root folder in ID3 browserBjörn Stenberg4-19/+58
2005-01-19Corrected name buffer limit checkBjörn Stenberg1-2/+1
2005-01-19SyncedJose Maria Garcia-Valdecasas Bernal1-55/+949
2005-01-19allows bigger language filesJose Maria Garcia-Valdecasas Bernal1-1/+1
2005-01-18Synched.Mats Lidell1-14/+32
2005-01-18Fixed plugin-browser-shows-id3db bugBjörn Stenberg1-2/+2
2005-01-18Repaired broken exit from plugin/font/language browserBjörn Stenberg1-18/+10
2005-01-18Repaired broken resumeBjörn Stenberg4-10/+13
2005-01-18Added support for very large tables in ID3 database.Björn Stenberg7-121/+194
2005-01-18Synced.Jens Arnold1-0/+5
2005-01-18Player: Return the correct icon for id3 database browsing.Jens Arnold1-2/+13
2005-01-17Leaving all menus when loading a new language is no longer necessary.Jens Arnold2-9/+1
2005-01-17No files in dir if database not initialised.Björn Stenberg1-0/+1
2005-01-17Corrected copyright yearBjörn Stenberg4-4/+4
2005-01-17Added some consistency checksBjörn Stenberg1-2/+32
2005-01-17Minor tweaks to compile on win32.Björn Stenberg3-8/+9
2005-01-17Reinserted patch 1.279 (was lost in move to filetree.c)Björn Stenberg1-0/+8
2005-01-17Added ID3 database support. Still very early.Björn Stenberg8-814/+1388
2005-01-17Added ID3 database dirfilterBjörn Stenberg5-8/+19
2005-01-17Bitmapped roll_credits() didn't use the defined LCD height.Jens Arnold1-2/+2
2005-01-16Plugin fixes for simulator: (1) Don't compile calendar for units without RTC....Jens Arnold2-2/+2
2005-01-16scrollbar(): Code size optimisation; fixed overflow with large parameters (fi...Jens Arnold1-29/+26
2005-01-16Bugfix: Ordinary ending of playback didn't close the file (File handle leak, ...Jens Arnold1-0/+1
2005-01-13Ondio bugfix: recording file number generator didn't release the directory ha...Jörg Hohensohn1-0/+3
2005-01-13Removed remnants of buttonbar code for units without recorder keypad.Jens Arnold3-5/+8
2005-01-13Patch #939307 by Eric LassaugeLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-17/+21
2005-01-13Patch #1016041 by Eric LassaugeLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-1/+2
2005-01-12New channel configuration setting, allowing fine-grained control of the stere...Jens Arnold6-39/+74
2005-01-08Allow flashing for players with alternative boot ROM.Jens Arnold1-2/+7
2005-01-04no rename nor delete option on volumesJörg Hohensohn1-13/+18
2005-01-02Prevent entering the menu when returning from a subroutine with MODE-repeat e...Jens Arnold2-0/+5
2005-01-02Start with the basic button layout if the basic operators are not available s...Jens Arnold1-1/+6
2004-12-30player version check extended up to 5.08Jörg Hohensohn1-1/+1
2004-12-29behave for multi-volumeJörg Hohensohn1-3/+3
2004-12-29killed a warningJörg Hohensohn1-1/+1
2004-12-29Shared mounting code, also more general. It will mount multiple HD partitions...Jörg Hohensohn1-45/+3
2004-12-28prepared to mount multiple partitions into one logical file system (most usef...Jörg Hohensohn5-10/+40