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2005-06-26Patch #1218188 by Konstantin Isakov: Don't wrap around scroll in file-browser...Jonas Häggqvist1-0/+6
2005-06-26Iriver: remote FFWD/REW supportJens Arnold2-5/+27
2005-06-26Fix broken sim buildsChristi Scarborough1-0/+1
2005-06-26 * number of columns and rows can now be changed in menuAntoine Cellerier1-38/+46
2005-06-26Quick menu for iRiver: A long press on the PLAY key in the browser or the WP...Christi Scarborough6-19/+52
2005-06-26 * use *rb->current_tick for srandAntoine Cellerier1-19/+28
2005-06-26Fixed one warning.Miika Pekkarinen1-3/+2
2005-06-26Initial DSP implementation. DSP supports resampling audio stream fromMiika Pekkarinen13-307/+685
2005-06-26 * fix some cursor bugs (patch 1222287)Antoine Cellerier1-46/+60
2005-06-26Fix broken Ondio bulidsChristi Scarborough1-0/+2
2005-06-26Some changes to image code, thanks to Daniel.Tomas Salfischberger1-29/+37
2005-06-26OoopsChristi Scarborough1-1/+1
2005-06-26Resume behaviour. Resume setting renamed to 'Resume on Startup'. Pressing t...Christi Scarborough2-13/+19
2005-06-26Fixes and sync.Thom Johansen1-8/+32
2005-06-26Made the FM frequency setting wrap aroundLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-2/+2
2005-06-26Fixed up WPS_*_PRE / WPS_RC_*_PRE handling. (Gimme back my RC_PAUSE on archos.)Jens Arnold1-15/+16
2005-06-25No need to keep code around that we _know_ will cause crashes... Bail outDaniel Stenberg1-2/+7
2005-06-25Fixed bug: "Not clearing the buffer causes a problem when switching from one ...Tomas Salfischberger1-0/+10
2005-06-25Synced + small changeJonas Häggqvist1-1/+13
2005-06-25Synced.Jens Arnold1-1/+7
2005-06-25Added missing voice: lines.Jens Arnold1-1/+15
2005-06-25Forgot a constHardeep Sidhu1-2/+2
2005-06-25Added new shuffle repeat mode that reshuffles playlist before repeating. Als...Hardeep Sidhu9-23/+97
2005-06-25Core functions taking advantage of the new, optimised lcd_hline() and lcd_vli...Jens Arnold4-18/+15
2005-06-24Fixed yellow FM builds, and changed the function type names according to the ...Jens Arnold1-2/+6
2005-06-24Added sound settings to the WPS context menuLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-7/+15
2005-06-24First part of graphics api rework. Special functions, parameter handling, pix...Jens Arnold38-240/+494
2005-06-24Removed Create Playlist from the browser context menu, put Playlist first in ...Linus Nielsen Feltzing1-10/+6
2005-06-24Put back the playlist creation options in the main menuLinus Nielsen Feltzing4-5/+28
2005-06-24BUTTON_RC_VOL relabeled as BUTTON_RC_MODE for consistency with main unit. RC...Christi Scarborough2-7/+7
2005-06-24comment updatedJörg Hohensohn1-3/+2
2005-06-23Synced.Jens Arnold1-0/+6
2005-06-23A few changed translations. Not too happy with all of them. Any lurking Danes...Jonas Häggqvist1-6/+6
2005-06-23thy shall be called Reshuffle and thy shall be fineDaniel Stenberg1-3/+3
2005-06-23Don't need to stop audio before changing tracks. Fixes problem when selectin...Hardeep Sidhu1-8/+1
2005-06-23Make resume work with manually shuffled playlists (idea by hardeep on IRC)Tomas Salfischberger1-6/+2
2005-06-23Added a "Shuffle playlist" option to the context menu. Someone on the forum c...Tomas Salfischberger2-2/+25
2005-06-23Don't clear the button queue.Jens Arnold1-1/+0
2005-06-23When exiting the context menu with the menu button, call the main menu. Mainl...Jens Arnold5-50/+71
2005-06-23Fixe red player build.Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2005-06-23Fix some player build errors.Jens Arnold1-1/+3
2005-06-23New feature for units that can be powered or charged from USB (Recorder fm/v2...Jens Arnold4-15/+36
2005-06-23Henrik Backes patch for WPS and tag database context menus. Tag database cont...Linus Nielsen Feltzing11-144/+281
2005-06-23Leave the ID3 viewer with LEFT as wellLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-0/+1
2005-06-22Make the simulator builds know about software poweroff, for more consistent b...Jens Arnold1-2/+2
2005-06-22Undid the variable font size handling in audio_debug since it now uses the sy...Jens Arnold1-6/+3
2005-06-22Shutdown screen is for recorder v1 only.Jens Arnold1-1/+1
2005-06-22Fixed CODEC_BUFFER_SIZE mismatchLinus Nielsen Feltzing2-2/+2
2005-06-22Nicer code, removed rb references.Thom Johansen1-144/+120
2005-06-22Use system font for the audio thread debug screenLinus Nielsen Feltzing1-0/+2